2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
Michael has read 1 book toward his goal of 50 books.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday's Novel Spotlight (35)

Hello everyone and welcome to Tuesday. Another batch of books has been released but only one will be featured on the blog. This week's choice is....

The Dead of Winter by Christ Priestley!

After Michael's parents die, he is invited to stay with his guardian in a desolate country house. He begins to suspect something is not quite right on the day he arrives when he spots a mysterious woman out in the frozen mists. But little can prepare him for the solitude of the house itself. His guardian is rarely seen, and there's a malevolent force lurking in an old hallway mirror. As the chilling suspense builds, Michael realizes that the house and its grounds harbor many more secrets-both dead and alive.

First off, I do like a horror novel and second, the main character is Michael. It's as if I'm in the story myself. >.>

I might have to check this one out for some light reading but hopefully it's good. If anyone has read it or wants to read it, leave some comments down below. =D


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