2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hottest Female Characters (2)

Hey guys! So today is supposed to be Guess That Novel but I'm feeling kind of lazy. I also almost forgot about doing a post. So what I'll be doing is another male blogger thing. Hottest Female Characters. But what I'll be doing is something different than last time. I'll be choosing about 5 girls who are actress' to play certain girls in movies about novels. How you girls do it with the guys, I'll be doing it with the girls. =)

Shay Mitchell - Nora Grey (Hush, Hush)

Why do I see her as Nora? There's just something about her that screams, "I'll fall in love with a Fallen Angel and be rescued anytime." Shay is currently in Pretty Little Liars the show, and although her co-star, Troian Avery Bellisario, Spencer, looks the part, I feel like Shay Mitchell can act it.

Megan Fox - Tally Youngblood (Uglies)

Now before you all start going off on me for my choice, WAIT! The reason I chose Megan Fox is because of Tally when she is pretty and special. We can't deny that Megan Fox is pretty. When she's not looking like a fake doll with all the botox on her face. But they can change that in movies like Transformers 1. And when they make her Special they can just beautify her up hardcore. As for the Uglies part, just make her look ugly. They have the technology and make-up for that now-a-days. But Megan Fox can have the coldness personality that Tally does as a Special. I know it'll never happen but a man can dream, right?

Amanda Seyfried - Trella Garrard Sanchia (Inside Out)

Why did I choose Amanda Seyfried? Well Inside Out is about this girl who's trying to escape Inside. Trella has this sort of innocence, hardcore look to her that Amanda Seyfried portrays perfectly. Having seen her in certain films, I actually quite like her. And if you just tie her hair back into a tight ponytail, we'd have a Trella.

Emma Stone - Clary Fray (City of Bones)

At first I would've chosen Emma Roberts, who I changed to a different character, for the role of Clary. But then Emma Stone got truly discovered. And although the role of Clary has already been cast, I still choose Emma Stone for mine. While Emma Roberts, (haha I just noticed they're both Emma's O.o) might seem like a good choice, I feel like Emma Stone has the maturity and looks a lot old enough to play the part. She's kicked ass already in Zombieland (was that the name) and I'm pretty sure she can kick some demon ass in New York.

Emma Roberts - Jacinda (Firelight)

While I still not have read Firelight, I still think of Emma Roberts. In fact, as soon as I saw the cover for Firelight, I thought of Emma Roberts. When I heard what the novel was about, I also thought about her and pictured her in it. And now when I read it, you'll know who I'll be seeing. Something about Emma Roberts just screams "DRAGON! HEAR ME ROAR! FIRE!" Plus, I really want to see Emma Roberts in a Fantasy book-to-novel adaptation.

So these are my choices for these certain characters. I will be doing more posts with female characters in the future. Do you agree with the people I have chosen? Have you casted your own actress' for these specific roles? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Vicky said...

Amanda Seyfried is PERFECT for Trella! I never thought about that. I'm actually happy with who they chose as Clary, it's not perfect but it works out okay for me. I'm not sure about Emma Roberts though. And isn't Tally supposed to be not beautiful in Uglies? I don't get it, yes Tally was beautiful, but come on if she was MEgan Fox pretty she WOULD know, all Megan-fox-type of pretty know, even if they pretend not to. And Shay Mitchell is great for Nora, I never have picture her, but now I picture her like that! LOL

Great choices! :)

Michael Antonio Araujo said...

Thanks for commenting Vicky! Glad you like my choices haha. I haven't really read Firelight, I will soon, so for her character I'm going by looks. But maybe it'll change when I actually get to read it haha.

About Megan Fox, I mean it's all in the character haha. They can also make her uglier. For when she's pretty, make her look a little different than she does right now. I just want to see how the movie gets made. I'm seriously hoping it does well haha.

And for Shay Mitchell, I actually like her as an actress. She's pretty and different, reminds me of Pocahontas for some reason lol

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