2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hottest Female Characters (4)

Hey guys! So I was supposed to do this yesterday and even now I don't feel like doing this. I'm sick and don't have the will power to do anything but sleep. But, I might as well do this.

Recently I read a book called Behind Green Glass by Amanda Von Hoffmann and the whole time I kept seeing one person.

Lucy Hale.

You might know her from Pretty Little Liars or Privileged. But going back to while I was reading, for some reason I kept seeing Lucy as Isolde. First off, she looks like she could play an Isolde. And then the whole chill, laid back, in sweats with no make-up type of thing really fits her well. She's a beautiful girl with or without the make-up and very talented. Isolde in the novel is a junior so she has to be around 16-years-old and Lucy is -checks- OMG REALLY?! She's turning 21! God this is such a let down. I thought she was around 17/18 and here I am thinking haha I'm older than her this could work out and she's older than me by like 2 years.

Well, still, she plays a junior in most shows so it could work out for the movie of Behind Green Glass. haha =D I still can't believe she's older than me! I'm really sad right now. I think I might go cry in the corner for a while. But still, Lucy Hale, if you're reading this, email me ;D Okay that was creepy. -walks away-


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