2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hottest Female Characters (6)

Hello all! It is Wednesday as you all know. Or at least I hope you all know. Unless you've lost your memory. You're welcome.

Anyway! This week I want to talk about this girl, not really talk but yea, this girl who has grown up like no tomorrow.
Who is this girl? This girl played Lyra Belacqua in The Golden Compass movie. She was young and looked extremely different.

A while ago I saw a commercial for Skins, Series 5 and this girl was on there and I'm all like, "Whoa, she looks familiar." BAM! It's the same person!

That's crazy. It's crazy how she was playing this sweet little girl and then out of nowhere she plays this badass character who smokes weed and goes to parties and likes to go crazy. But I love the show so I'm not complaining. It's one of the best shows out there EVER MADE!

But's it's amazing how this girl turned out to be so beautiful. In the show she's sort of a red-head but in the picture, which is the most recent one, they made her blonde.

They only made one movie for The Golden Compass because the company is a duck and didn't let them do the sequel. Even though they made the director save the ending from the first movie for the sequel. Makes no sense but that's why they suck.

But I don't think Dakota would be able to be in it anymore since she's all tall and grown.

But like I said, this isn't really much of a post just an OMG moment. I'm still amazed at how grown she is. It's like Lucy from Narnia who I will also have to post up. I thought I did but I'm not sure anymore.

So I'll see you all later if I have anything else to post. I know Friday I'll have a review to put up. YAY reviews. So yea, I'll see you all later. =D

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Ky said...

OMG! Holy crap!!! Wow! She turned out really pretty! In a very unique type of way.

LindsayWrites said...

new GFC follower! excited to read more of your blog!! excite for the review friday!

follow me?!

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