2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hottest Female Characters (5)

Welcome all to another edition of Hottest Female Characters! Like I've mentioned before, Hottest Female Characters isn't only about female characters and how hot they are. It's about female characters in general, from shows to movies to books. This week we'll be talking about Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games. This is the most talked about role that I have seen this year because everyone wants to know, who will play her. It's crazy because it became this battle for many actress'. They're throwing their names out there, taking pictures of themselves dressed as Katniss and performing moves like climbing trees and walls. Filming themselves acting her part. It's just unbelievable how so many actress' have come out to fight for this one role. With the many names that have been thrown around, I've chosen two people who I would like to see play her. The first one is;

Hailee Steinfeld

Hailee officially became big in her movie True Grit, where she plays Mattie Ross. You can tell she has the spunk, she has the willpower and the energy to play Katniss. She kind of looks like her and would be a great person to play her. It's what everyone basically wants. But we've only really seen her in one role. Can she really take it? She has said before that she would love to get the part and she loves the books. Every other actress who wants the part has said the same thing.

The next person who is my first and most favorite choice is;

I LOVE Kaya. She is brilliant and such an amazing actress. Most people know her Skins where she plays Effy for four series. It's crazy how she played such a trouble teen so very well and was able to keep her sanity in check. She's also been in other movies that I had not known about even though I had seen them. One of them being Clash of the Titans. She is like a chameleon, able to change characters and play anything given in front of them. It may be that I choose her over everyone else because of favoritism. I mean is it my fault that she's fluent in Portuguese? Which by the way is amazing hearing her speak Portuguese... -sigh- I just feel like she can change her accent so she sounds like us Americans and would be the best Katniss there can be.

Now it's been going around that Jennifer Lawrence might get casted because she's read, they loved her and I think they called her back to read again. I just hope she doesn't get casted though. I mean, she's only turning 21 in August but she just looks a lot older. Katniss has to be young and fresh. I mean, we'll probably end up loving her but like I said I just need someone young and fresh to play our beloved Katniss.

So what are your thoughts on my choices? Leave a comment down below with your thoughts on who you would like to see play Katniss in the movie, which is scheduled to be released next year in the month of March.


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