2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cover Change: Nightshade & Wolfsbane

I know that I am a bit late on the news. But if you haven't heard well here you go.
We all know Nightshade by Andrea Cremer. We all know about the amazing cover and how the story is also amazing as the cover is. We also know that we had been waiting for the second novel, Wolfsbane that is set to be released July 26, 2010. And how that cover is also amazing and how we can't wait to have it in our hands. Well yea, not anymore because the covers have changed.

These two covers are the original. The second is what was supposed to be. But now that they've changed it;

These two are the new covers. The first one will only be available for Paperback from what I've read. While the second one will be available both in Paperback and Hardcover. N

SERIOUSLY?! The first one won't even be in Hardcover?!

Here's what I think. I know how everyone says "don't judge a book by its cover." but who doesn't? I mean yea, I won't not get a book because of the cover but I won't exactly look at it unless I read about it online. The cover of Nightshade is what drew me into the story. I bought it without knowing what it was because it was beautiful art. Most people see books as art so you can't blame us.

I also have OCD. Serious OCD. So of course it's going to kick in with books. I figured, I'll buy the first one in Hardcover also so that it'll match. BUT IT WON'T EVEN BE IN HARDCOVER?!?!?! WTF.

I just don't understand how they went from the art that was and made it into something that looks overdone already and so cliché. Seriously the black covers with a girl on it and a different colored theme. It's been used so many times and it seriously is. The original covers, they were original, they popped out of any bookcase. Our eyes were drawn to it but now they're not.

The story is, the new ones were going to be the paperback ones, which is okay because they look like paperback copies. Can you seriously imagine the second cover as a flap? Won't work out. But Penguin, the publishing company, liked it so much they decided to just change it all.

... seriously Penguin? Are you guys blind or something? What makes you think those plain covers are going to outsell the original? People will just look over it because it's like everything else. It doesn't pop out.

I'm just sad and seriously hoping this is an early ass April Fool's joke. I mean they can still make the cover the original since they have the artwork already. But people are already fighting for it. Aside from sending the company many emails asking for the originals, there is a twitter petition going on.

With over 100 votes, http://twitition.com/o2xln we're hoping that it'll work. I was also thinking of one person gathering many posts from different blogs about how they don't like it and sending it to the company. I mean after all, it is us, the readers, who will be buying the novels.

I also say this with no offense and nothing towards Andrea Cremer. Her work will always be beautiful and amazing. This just goes to the company who decided to change it.

I'm seriously hoping they change it back to the original but if not, -sigh- I'll possibly print the old cover out and glue it to the new one. Or just rock back and forth in a corner.


GABY said...

Yeah, I also don't understand why they changed the covers!! The originals were so beautiful, I think the new ones are just..ok.

I only have the Nightshade ebook, but I would also have been freaking out it I couldn't have the same art cover for Wolfsbane.

Michael Antonio Araujo said...

Yea everyone isn't liking the new covers at all. I'm hoping they change it back since there's enough time and they already have the cover art.
-sigh- publishers and their bad choices -__- lol

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