2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Legend of the Seeker

What has a hot mother confessor, a sexy mord'sith, a six packed seeker, and a cock-blocking wizard?

Well only the best Fantasy Show to ever appear since Xena and Hercules left.

Now many people probably haven't heard of this show. This show is based on the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind. As all movies/shows based off of books, it is a bit different from the original work but epic and amazing nonetheless. The show got two seasons, next saturday being season 2 finale, and very little promotion. Hence, people not knowing what this show was.

Well, now they're trying to cancel the show, even though it has a bigger fandom and gets more ratings than some crap out there. I mean seriously, how many shows can you have about teenagers drinking, partying, doing drugs and have sex scandals? Just leave it to two or three and bring on the fantasy shows!

Well now that it's getting cancelled us fans are not happy. We set up a campaign at www.saveourseeker.com where we are making sure we get more seasons. With the help of fans and the author of the novel series himself, we have raised over $10,000. Allowing us fans to be the one who promotes the show itself.

Proof being in the Legend of the Seeker facebook group. Before we did any promotion and advertising online by various things I will talk about, we had less than 50,000 members. I would say around 30,000-40,000. In two weeks of us talking about it and taking over the internet with it, we got up to 105,000+ and counting.

We took over Twitter, having #SaveOurSeeker and #LegendOfTheSeeker a Trending Topic for over 2 hours each weekend. We're donating dvd's to the libraries and making it so that people will know about the show. We're sending mass letters to various companies and studios and emailing everyone we can to have them pick up for Season 3.

In other words, if this series stops at Season 2, there will be a very unhappy fandom in the face of this earth. Even if it cancelled we won't stop until we have more.

So check it out on Hulu.com, just search Legend of the Seeker and click an episode and you won't be disappointed. But do make sure you start from Season 1, and keep watching because every episode gets better and better. If not Hulu, and if you have Netflix do it there. And if you've been watching and catching up, tune into the Second Season Finale and help bring those ratings up.

Check http://dadt.com/lots/ the official site for local listings and other bonus materials.

So I hope you guys really check this out because this is one of the best shows out there and it has good quality of everything.

Below are some links you guys should check out.

Official LotS Site: http://dadt.com/lots/

Official Campaign Site: http://www.saveourseeker.com/

Official IMDB Page: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0844653/ (Check it out for much more info)

And to top it off, check out the
Ten Reasons You Should Watch Legend of the Seeker: http://twitpic.com/1ntrmm


Mystee said...

I so love this show. I just posted earlier this morning that it was one of the ones that killed me to see go this year.

Ky said...

Never read the books or heard of the show... what channel is it on? Oh and the wizard is the creepy Train Man from the MATRIX! AH!!!!

Michael Antonio Araujo said...

@Mystee it still hasn't gone yet. We haven't gotten an official word yet so we're hoping it's coming back.

@Ky it is! And he was also in Lord of the Rings and some other crazy movies! But if you check out the Legend of the Seeker website and put your zip code it'll tell you what station it's on. =D

Ky said...

LOTR? Seriously? WHO?! I don't remember him at all!

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