2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
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Monday, May 24, 2010

Book Review: The Golden Compass

So this review as you guys have already guessed by the cover and title of this post is The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman. Let me tell you, if you haven't read this yet or haven't seen the movie, do both NOW! This is just beyond epic and beyond words. But lucky for you guys, I can go past that beyond and I have written a review.

Author: Philip Pullman
Rating: 5 Stars

Review: Grab a handful of witches, a pinch of armored polar bears and a table spoon of Gobblers. Next mix it all with a Golden Compass and you have yourself an amazing novel that is hard to put down and will keep you turning the pages until you’re done.

Lyra is a young girl who lives in Oxford, England. Well not our Oxford but her Oxford. You see, her world is parallel to ours. It’s almost the same thing except it’s both behind of our times but yet ahead with its “technology”. In Lyra’s world, spirits live outside of our bodies, as an animal called a dæmon. Each person has an animal that represents who they are. An they are only able to change forms when you are young. Perfectly matches the way a child is always changing their mind.

But moving on, Lyra lives in this Oxford where suddenly children are gone missing, by these kidnappers called Gobblers. And when her friend Roger is taken, she immediately wants to save him. But she also wants to travel the world and she does so with the beautiful Mrs. Coulter. Who holds more secrets than safe to handle. Once Lyra is on her journey, she discovers a terrible secret, involving the people she trusted, Gobblers and something that everyone keeps talking about. Dust.

Without getting too much ahead, Lyra ends up with a polar bear called Iorek and an aeronaut and a bunch of gypsies. And in the end, she must face not only her biggest fear, but the fears of everyone else.

This novel holds so much more that’ll make you actually be in it. As I read it, I felt myself fearing for lives, being happy at their safety and crying at the deaths. I felt myself being shocked at the disloyalty and in the end I felt myself wanting to know more about Dust.

Being only part one, this novels holds many open subjects that I can’t even begin to talk about. And the only way you can find out is by reading this masterpiece. A masterpiece where religion and science come together. A masterpiece that makes you question everything you know and everything you thought you knew.

Philip Pullman has set us all up for a ride that will take you beyond your imagination.


And that my friends is The Golden Compass for you. Make sure to leave your thoughts and comments if you have read the book, seen the movie or want to check it out. I'll be looking out for your comments to reply in discussion. So, until then.


Ky said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE His Dark Materials! I own all three books and the movie. :P Great books and they just got better once you get introduced to Will (that is his name right??? I haven't read these in ages) Great review! Couldn't have said it better myself! ^.^ Of course I would have ranted on the whole "it's anti-christian blah blah blah" every time someone says that I want to punch them in the face!

Michael Antonio Araujo said...

Lmfao I agree with you. All three novels were amazing, and yes it is Will, added a little spice to the whole story with Lyra. And Those people who say it's anti-Christian are just -___- My cousin is a Christian and she loved these novels. You just gotta look at it for what it is. A novel. =D Thanks for the comment Ky haha.

Ky said...

XD I know right?! I'm just like "For Pete's sake it's a bloody BOOK get over it! And if you actually read the thing you'd see that yes there are some parallels but it's not like Pullman is saying God is evil! GEEZE!"

Have you read his Sally Lockhart Trilogy? AH-MAZING! Gotta read it!

Roberto Mattos said...

This discussion all depends on how mature you are when you read a book. This particular series is suppose to be a work of fiction. If you read it as a fiction, you will enjoy it, as it is really well written. The author has a very good style. But if you start reading and assuming that everything that is written is the only and absolute truth, then you have a problem, as from the theology's point of view, this series is full of heresy from the first to the last page. Take for example the idea of our God (for Christians), the creator, the savior, the conselor, being reduced to the character of an aging angel...(among other heresies). Just take it as it is, a fiction and everyone should enjoy very much the story.
But that is just my 2 cents contribution...

Kelli (Reviewer) said...

Very nice review. I haven't read this yet but will put it on my TBR list!

Michael Antonio Araujo said...

Hey Roberto thanks for commenting! =D

That's how I see it also. People should just read it for a work of fiction and nothing of facts. I mean obviously it isn't facts. We're talking about traveling through different worlds here haha.

Kelli, thanks for the comment! xD
It really, truly, absolutely is a great novel. It's one of my favorite and I just want to read it again.
Everything in it is fascinating! The ideas, the characters, the world itself. Amazing!

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