2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sno-Cone Summer Meltdown Contest

So my friend Ky over at Can't Find a Bookmark is holding a contest that's pretty awesome. She's known for having unique contests. So the contest is mainly for girls because of the way it's being treated. But if you're a guy you can also tag along in a pretty different way.

Every time Ky eats a sno-cone, and she loves sno-cones, she'll choose a male character from a novel who she can "melt" for. Get it summer, heat, melt. Yea haha =D In the end us the contest enterer's have to vote for that guy. But this is where the gender differences come in. When Ky told me about the contest I responded with a, hello I'm kinda not able to vote for my favorite "hunk" on the count that I don't do hunks. I do hunkettes. Or babes for another word. So I asked if I could just vote depending on the NOVEL the guy is from. So yea. Girls can vote on their hunks. Guys can vote on the novel the guy is from. Unless you also like men then please, go right ahead.

So yea, in the end, the 3 novels with the most votes will be given to 3 winners. 1 book per winner. So GO CHECK OUT THE CONTEST! If you don't then you are crazy because books are epic!

Plus she's eaten her first sno-cone and chose this one dude called Valek from a novel by Maria V. Snyder that she never mentioned. (She should put up the book titles also haha. Just saying Ky!)

And my eyes kind of glazed over the whole, her wooing over Valek, until she said "The most dangerous and feared man in both Ixia and Sitia...stealth/spying outfits...kickass fighter...puddle...put up a fight.) Yea my eyes glazed a bunch =D

So check that out and until then. =D


Ky said...

LMFAO! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I'm crying! I'm laughing so hard! Eye glazing! HA! AH! Curse me for putting on mascara yesterday! Now I have racoon eyes! Which just makes me laugh harder!

Sorry Mike. I'll remember to clarify next sno-cone time. And hey! OKay so in my mind EVERYONE should know Valek and I DID say he was from Maria's Study series! So :P Your eyes were just too glazed over to see.

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