2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
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Friday, May 14, 2010

Cinda Williams Chima + An Updateish

Attention all Cinda Williams Chima fans!

So a day or two ago I was on Twitter when an epic person I was following (Holly =D) posted this epic news about Cinda Williams Chima.

It comes down that she got a contract deal for 3 more novels. One of them being for the Seven Realms Series, which include The Demon King, The (awaited) Exiled Queen, and now two untitled novels.

But wait what about the other two? Well let's just say that The Heir Trilogy will become The Heir Series as she introduces two more novels to it.

Excitement! I know!

Now the titles aren't set in stone yet, but there's a chance they could be The Sorcerer Heir and The Enchanter Heir. And I'm really excited for these two because The Heir Trilogy/Series is the only novels that actually got me excited like Harry Potter did.

She plans to write a book per year meaning by the year of 2014 we shall of all of these new novels from her. So we have enough years to continue being stoked about her work.

Check out the news for yourselves at that link which is her blog.

Also, I figured that I should of had a schedule on what to post up on what days but then I figured that some days wouldn't work out because I might run out of books before I buy new books so I'll probably do a post or two per day. Things like Reviews, Announcements, Book Introductions (Introducing novels to people), and some other things. But for now I'll see you all later.


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