2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
Michael has read 1 book toward his goal of 50 books.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Guest Post: Andrea-Loud Words & Sounds

Hello everybody! Today is the end of the month of May and since I was so busy last week I forgot to put up a guest post. The question was;

How did you first get into reading and what was your first book?

Let's see what Andrea from Loud Words & Sounds says.

Hi Everyone! So I started really reading in third grade, and I'll explain that a little later. But I hated reading before that point, I hated it so much that I wouldn't pick any book up for fun. And the things we read in school were so boring they just couldn't hold my attention. And then well my mom decided to buy me The Harry Potter Series Years 1-5 out of the Scholastic catalog the summer before fourth grade and guess what? I found my love of reading, Harry's world raptured me into the reading world, and from that point on I could always be found with a book.

The series then became one of my instant favorites. Through middle school I went through phases of books, like the horse one, YA romance, then my historical romance (Civil War), and then fantasy came to light throughout middle school and the beginning of high school. And now I have an adult novel phase which is kinda hard to break. I had favorites like the Heartland Series (the rehabilitation of horse), The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, The Cry of the Icemark and Eragon, some what typical middle grade novels. I even started working in the library as a community service :). And my best friend also turned me onto Manga (comics) too, MeruPuri being one of my favorites. Yes, I was a big bookworm then. A HUGE one.

Like usual being dubbed a bookworm is the greatest in the world, but Freshman year of High School, I found an online sort of support group. and that's where I found several of my very best blogger friends -including Mike in all his whims- that helped me through some harder times. And then I found other books like Sarah Dessen novels, the Private series, Meg Cabot, ones with wolves and more. Including my two favorite books Major Crush by Jennifer Echols and The Host by Stephenie Meyer. Junior year I found blogging and from that point on I started an addiction that lately has been failing because of all of my school involvement. Just give me a book with a good romance, fantasy or wolves in it and I'll be happy! :)

But the moral of this is Books have been an important part of my life since third grade, and Mike too has helped in the share of funny laughs through my life. And the mutual threats to go and kick each others butts every once in a while is hilarious, or is that just me?


Those were some epic times on the chat! Lol It's just crazy how everyone's story of how they got into reading is different. Mine is kind of like Andrea's but just in a different situation. But I want to thank her -you if you're reading this- for helping me with my blog and life also and for just being awesome! So everyone go check out her page, follow her and leave her loving comments to make her blog more!

Also don't forget to enter the contest that will end today. Click here to enter. I bid you all farewell for now! =D

Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday's Novel Talk (38)

Whoa! What is this? How do I type and talk to you guys again?

I know, I know. I haven't been on in the longest but I've been so busy. My dad was in Portugal and came back yesterday and I just had a whole crap of stuff to do so, that's my excuse. But I'm back now! Woot!

I have been reading at night though.

I finished The Gathering by Kelley Armstrong and some other books and now I'm reading;

Divergent by Veronica Roth. Funny thing about this novel. I had heard about it before it came out. Back when the movie rights were bought and I was like, whoa it must be good. But I didn't exactly read the synopsis and thought it would be weird. Finally, at Walmart last Tuesday I saw the novel and wanted to buy a book and decided to get it. When I started reading it, I could not put it down at all.

I'm seriously addicted to this book. Not only the book, but the world itself. It's just amazing and well thought of and just plain entertaining in a brutal way. If you haven't read this book please do now. I'm currently on Page 352, which is almost at the end, and I'm dreading on finishing it. I seriously can't wait for the second one to come out because I know it'll be good.

And my To Be Read Pile has gotten lower! I'm at about 32 books, haha! I never left 33 no matter how many books I read!

Oh and my dad bought me The Hunger Games and Tales of Beedle the Bard both in Portuguese. It's for him to read but they're mine >.>

And that's really it with reading. I have something else to put up so I might put it up today or tomorrow. We'll see.

Glad you guys are still sticking around though! =D

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Guest Post: Kyleigh-Can't Find A Bookmark

So for this month I'm having four people guest post on my blog because it's the blog's birthday month. (But before I say anything else I would like to apologize if this seems rushed. My back is killing me from picking up heavy objects and the rain isn't helping out with my knees also. I feel like an old man.)

But I asked four people who helped me start this blog to answer a question. How did you first get into reading and what was your first book?

Let's see what Kyleigh, blog host of Can't Find A Bookmark had to say.

Like so many of us book obsessed bloggers my love of reading started when I was little. I really can't remember the first book I read but I have some favorites from when I was in elementary school.

The Giver was the first book that truly made an impression on me. It wasn't just the complicated world. Actually, when I first read it I thought it was weird. It wasn't until I had read it a second time that it really caused me to think. I ended up falling in love with the strange world and the message of the story. It was a very thought provoking read and it definitely encouraged me to read further.

The Two Princesses of Bamarre is another favorite. I'm a sucker for fantasy and I guess that was true even back then. Give me a dragon, wizards, and an epic journey and I am a happy camper.

Reading is such an important aspect of my life. If someone doesn't like to read I always encourage them to find just ONE book they like. After all, it only takes one great book to start the addiction. =)

A happy blog birthday to Mike! Oh how I remember our B&N chatroom days. Haha! I look forward to another year of awesome reviews!

Lucky for us you got into reading otherwise we wouldn't have your awesome blog to check out. And thank you for doing this guest post! So for all of you who know Ky, she's this awesome person. And for those of you who don't well, she's an awesome person with a blog and you should check her out. Link is above so click it and follow her.

Don't forget to enter the contest I'm hosting. Check that out here and enter! =D I'll see you all later but only if you go follow Ky! xD

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Monday's -Late- Novel Talk (37)

So I was going to post yesterday but I just got super lazy and ended up not posting. But a few things. I saw Glee, cried because of the episode, next week is Season Finale. I'm currently finishing up Hellcats Season Finale. And I just heard that it won't get picked up for a Second Season which sucks completely. But next is The Voice so YAY!

Anyway, earlier this morning like around 3 in the morning I finished Fallout by Ellen Hopkins. I seriously cried so much reading the last page over and over. I'm going to share it with you so read at your own risk. If you don't want to be spoiled (even though it's not much of a spoiler) just don't read this. This comes from the last page, 662.

Hunter, Autumn, Summer

Trust. Joy.

Courage. Honesty.

Belief. Belonging.

Attaining these
things may not
come easily.
Because, look
very long at
Kristina, I see




Because of the whole events from book one, that page just hit me like a bag of bricks and made me cry my heart out. I had followed their journey and it was time to let go.

But now that I'm done with that, I'm currently reading The Gathering by Kelley Armstrong. I love her YA novels and I'm starting to love this one. I'm currently on Chapter 2, page 20 but it's still going good. Just a pity that I have to wait 2 years for the next two books. =X

Now this is all I really have to talk about because I'm getting so lazy and tired and just need sleep. Also my back hurts from picking up a very heavy fish tank. So I'll post Tuesday's post tomorrow and just yea. Byeee everyone. Follow my twitter and like me on facebook! =D

Friday, May 13, 2011

Book Review: Crank

Title: Crank
Author: Ellen Hopkins
Pages: 537
Rating: O for Outstanding
Review: For the longest time now, I've been amused by and interested in drugs. No, not doing drugs. But seeing stories about people who do drugs. It amazes me how a substance can change a person so quickly. How it can make your life escalate and then sink it as quick as a heartbeat. How it can make you feel like you’re at the top of the world, and once it’s gone, the overwhelming need to have more. I have only seen it before on television. Skins (UK) to be exact. Seen the lives of countless teenagers being destroyed by a substance, right before my very eyes. But like the drug itself, I was addicted see more. I couldn't stop watching. I needed more, so I became attached to Crank.

I had heard about the books before, but it wasn’t until after I had watched Skins (UK) that I had actually purchased it. I had a strange need for more stories about teens and drugs. I wanted to get into their heads. I needed to feel what they felt in the safest way possible. It became an addiction of my own, but hardly on the level of addiction those teenagers faced.

Crank is a novel written in verse-poetry. It follows a sixteen-year-old girl who discovers a monster. In sparse, beautiful words, she describes how her life changes and she becomes someone else, literally. She explains how she first got into drugs and what came in the aftermath. She tells us how her need for more made her life a true living Hell, and how it tore her away from her family. It shows us how Kristina is no longer Kristina, but how she is now a person much unlike herself, Bree.

I could not put that book down. I read for about half an hour when I first picked it in the early hours of the morning while the rest of the world slept. I got around hundred or so pages in before the following hours of the next morning, where I began to devour the book and refused could to put it down from then on. It had easily become my own drug, and I needed to feel the rush in one whole turn, instead small, uninspired spurts. Perhaps it is because the poetry was so much more refreshing and different from my usual prose, but something incredibly special about it made it impossible to ignore.

The writing style was fantastic. I am a newcomer to poetry, yet I loved every word that Ellen Hopkins wrote for me. I say me because I felt as if I alone read the novel, and that I was not simply part of the thousands of others who had read the book from all around the world. The words flowed so naturally and struck so many raw emotions into my heart. Not only that, but the words played our eyes, descending down the pages in different shapes and structures, like skylines in a vast city and beating hearts trying to break free from the pain.

The story was heartbreaking. To see what Kristina had gone through, and to have her think everything was just as it should be, set me on a rage. I wanted to desperately save this girl. I wanted to take her into my arms and hold her tightly until she had recovered. What made it even more emotional, however, was that Crank is based off a true story regarding Ellen Hopkins’ daughter. Right from the start, Hopkins tells us that, “While the work is fiction, it is loosely based on a very true story-my daughter’s.” Even though she did not go through everything Kristina had gone through, my heart still went out to her. I found myself crying at times, shedding the tears that Kristina didn’t dare. I became the person she wanted to be. I wanted to feel safe and secure but she took me even further into Hell. She didn’t do it alone, however. She had help in her decline, and it drew hatred from me toward those involved.

I must admit that at times I wonder what would happen to me if I were ever to take drugs. I wonder what might happen if I smoked weed or popped a few pills. Even though I read and see these stories, it does not show what I might go through. But, living in the lives of these teenagers, going down with them and not being able to get back up, it helps me greatly to stay away from these monsters and the destruction they cause. There are so many people out there, all over the world, who do not have that kind of help. They do not know what they are getting into when they take their first hit or their first puff or their first snort of their first line. The monster isn’t indecisive. It will take any who are willing to let.

*Thank you to Shaun for helping me edit this review. =D

Happy Birthday To Me! -Contest-

Congratulations to my Blog! Today is the day that it's turned one! But there are other things that have happened on this day;

  • It's Friday the 13th
  • Our Lady of Fatima appeared on this day
  • My Blog turns 1-year-old
  • It's Friday Friday! Gotta get down on Friday!

I'm sure more things are happening but these are just cool! I was going to leave you a song but youtube isn't working which means the world may not love me today!

But, I have something special! I'm hosting a contest this month for my blog. I would've done more but I don't want to do something big and then next year it'll fall flat. So that way it'll get better each year.

So to enter this contest all you have to do is fill out this form. But there's some things you should know.

  1. It's a Book-to-Movie contest. You choose a book that has been turned into a movie and win both.
  2. No sequels. I know it's an odd rule but this is to try to get people into new series.
  3. I have a list of movie-to-books that I will put up after during an edit. If a book/movie you want isn't in there, you can add on to it.
  4. I put the need for an address so that no one does double entries. They will only be glanced at and I'll still ask the winner after for the address. Like I said, it's only to check for double entries.
And that's basically it at the moment. You don't have to be a follower but if you want to follow, I won't block you from doing it.

And that's basically it. Aside from the contest I'll be having four people, 3 bloggers and 1 friend doing a guest post on how they got to reading. So it's a small celebration but it's big for me. Next year it'll be better. Also if I get enough money, I'll make it two winners. But that's it for now! I have a review to put up soon, today.

Also, thank you all for following me and being with me for the year. Especially to those who have been there since day 1 and comment and stuff. I've made amazing friends and met amazing people! Thank you all and here's to another year!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hottest Female Characters (9)

Whoa! I haven't done this since April 6th. That's been over a month already. Horrible shiznet! But anyway! I got this idea yesterday when I was talking to my friend about who I would cast if they ever made a movie out of Crank by Ellen Hopkins. Now before you all attack me for my choice; shut up. I say this with love of course. Haha I'm kidding don't shut up. But let's not attack me or the person I chose. Which is;

Miley Cyrus!

I'd choose Miley to play Kristina from Crank only because of her life. I mean, she's a good girl gone bad in people's eyes. She was the Queen of Disney Channel, was very lovable and cuddly. She had a good life and was perfect. Like Kristina. They're both good people who made the wrong choices.

And then there's Bree, Kristina's alter-ego. Like Miley they are badass. I can seriously see Miley Cyrus turning to drugs and going crazy over a substance. In a movie of course! I mean in real life she has smoked salvia and we saw how she didn't go crazy but was always laughing. I just want to see her as this character because I think she would nail it. Not only that but everyone would give her hate because of the role. Oh my God, she's playing a druggie! She has no sense that girl, it must resemble her life. Those would be some of the things people would say only because they love to hate.

But yea, I don't know what it is, but I can see Miley being Kristina/Bree. What are your thoughts on this? I provided pictures to show Kristina and Bree as Miley haha =D

Before you leave!

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuesday's Novel Spotlight (26)

Hello everybody! Welcome to Tuesday, the best day for us book lovers. Tuesday is the day that books are released and we all get excited. Today a book has been released that I was lucky enough to read before and it was an amazing read. That novel is;

Noah Barleywater Runs Away by John Boyne! Yes, the same author who wrote The Boy in Striped Pyjamas. I hadn't read any of his previous works but now I want to because of this one book. What's it about though?

Eight-year-old Noah's problems seem easier to deal with if he doesn't think about them. So he runs away, taking an untrodden path through the forest.

Before long, he comes across a shop. But this is no ordinary shop; it's a toyshop, full of the most amazing toys, and brimming with the most wonderful magic. And here Noah meets a very unusual toymaker. The toymaker has a story to tell, and it's a story of adventure and wonder and broken promises. He takes Noah on a journey. A journey that will change his life.

Now if you like Disney, and I'm talking about from the 90's and back, the animated movies of course, then you'll love this book. It kind of ties in with a movie that we all grew up with and I LOVE! That's why I loved this book because it gave us a serious look at what happens after the fairytale.

So you all have to go and buy this book over at Barnes & Noble. Just click the link for Noah Barleywater Runs Away by John Boyne and be prepared to step into an epic world. Also, for every person who buys the book, a baby panda learns how to read. =D

Monday's -Late- Novel Talk (36)

Hello everyone and Happy Tuesday! I forgot to post yesterday even though I had blogger opened but it just evaded my mind somehow. But I remembered today! YAY!

Anyway first off I finished Crank by Ellen Hopkins on the 9th and it was amazing! Loved the book, wrote a review which will be up on Friday.

I am now reading Glass by Ellen Hopkins which is the second book. I'm currently on page 68 and they're such quick reads these books because they're written in verse. But I'm loving the story how it's fresh and different than what I usually read. I just want to go buy all of her books right now but alas I can't haha. Too many other books to read first.

I'm also reading Progeny by R.T. Kaelin. I'm currently on a pause on that book on Chapter 9, Page 111. It'll be on pause until I finish the Crank Trilogy. But then after I'll attack it once more. The story is also amazing, I love how deep and rich it is and I'm truly enjoying it.

That's really it for this post. I should get all into it but the books are too much to just do one post about. It would have to be a super long post =P

But yea before you all go!

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Also! On Friday the 13th, my blog will turn 1-year-old. I'll be hosting a giveaway along with 4 guest posts from 4 special people who helped me start this blog. I'm not doing anything big so that next year it can be bigger and then the year after that, etc. etc. But still, the giveaway will go from the 13th until the end of the month and it'll be choose your own movie/book giveaway. I have a list off books/movies but in the form if you guys find another that you want you'll be able to add it. No need to worry now, more information will be given on Friday. So that's pretty much it. I'll see you all later! =D

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tuesday's Novel Spotlight (25)

Hello everybody! It is I, The Subtle Chronicler. Yea, yea. I'm too tired to even type and sore. Just ran 5 miles on my first day of working out and I am beat. I'm basically falling asleep here and not wanting to eat. And that never happens. I always want to eat. I love the food. But today I have to post because a book has been released into the world, giving us the opportunity to add to our collection of novels. Allowing us to open its pages and learn the secrets of within. This week it is;

The Throne of Fire by Rick Riordan! Book 2 of the Kane Chronicles. What's it about? Let's find out.

Ever since the gods of Ancient Egypt were unleashed in the modern world, Carter Kane and his sister Sadie have been in trouble. As descendants of the House of Life, the Kanes have some powers at their command, but the devious gods haven't given them much time to master their skills at Brooklyn House, which has become a training ground for young magicians. And now their most threatening enemy yet-the chaos snake Apophis-is rising. If they don't prevent him from breaking free in a few days' time, the world will come to an end. In other words, it's a typical week for the Kane family.

There's more to it but it's somewhat spoilerish to the first book so I decided not to put it up. But if you've read the first one and are reading this now, leave your comments down below on your thoughts. Or leave your thoughts about the author himself.

But before you leave, check out some links down below!

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Monday, May 2, 2011

Cover Reveal: Silence by Becca Fitzpatrick

I know I haven't posted in like two weeks, it;s just that a lot has been going on with friends and such and it's been time consuming. But I'm back now, hopefully with an exciting month! But today I just want you all to know that the cover for Silence by Becca Fitzpatrick has been released and it is amazing. The image itself is nothing but Silent and packs a punch for us cover lovers.

I still haven't found a synopsis yet, but hopefully I'll find one tomorrow to put it up for you guys. But aside from that, I've just been chilling here reading some books and watching Charmed which I'm now on Season 4 =D

So I'll see if I'll post again today seeing as I'm sore and tired from the weekend. But if not then I'll see you all tomorrow! =D
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