2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
Michael has read 1 book toward his goal of 50 books.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

50 States Book Challenge

Hello my fellow followers! I have a Challenge for you all. Well I actually have more than one but only one for now. Aside from my 50 Book Challenge in the year of 2011, I have thought of something else.

The Objective: to read 50 books, one set in each state.

The Rules: A book set in two states does not count. It has to be one state only. Exceptions are if a character moves from one state to another, ala Twilight. Bella moved from Arizona to Washington, so only Washington counts. The challenge is up for however long you like. And it doesn't count for books you've already read. You have to read the books after starting the challenge, so don't think you're halfway done.

It's just a fun challenge to find more novels about our states. For those of you not in the states, you can learn more about us. I'll be putting up a page up top that will show the books I have read from each state. It should go something like;

State - Novel/Author - Date Started/Date Finished

Another fun thing to do is print out a map of the states that is white with black outlines, hang it up on your wall and color the states in as you read. If you would like to join in, just leave a comment with your blog and the link to the page where you'll update and I'll add you to the page so everyone else can go see.

Hopefully I do get some people to join, if not, I can have fun all by myself! =P

So give it a try and who knows, maybe you'll get some new favorite states.


Kate said...

This sounds like a great challenge! I don't know if I'll hit all 50 (are there books set in South Dakota?), but I'll give a go.

I've added the challenge to my 2011 Challenge page at my site, A Reader's Ramblings.


Michael Antonio Araujo said...

That is EPIC! Thank you for joining! Lol I'll go add you to the link up top =D

Jessie Dyan said...

I think this is a very interesting challenge! I don't know if I'm brave enough though! lol

booknerdgirl said...

This is a great idea! I think I'll consider keeping track of that in the future as well!

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