2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
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Monday, January 17, 2011

Blogger Interview: Beck's Book Picks

Hello my fellow followers and readers! I welcome you to what I hope to be a new weekly thing I'll be doing. Guest Posts is where I invite you, the bloggers, to come on my blog and do a guest post on a topic we have agreed to. The process is by you emailing me (which you will find my email on the side) you send me your name, age and blog and if you have any suggested topics. And then after agreeing on the topic that you have sent or I have sent, you send me your response and be a guest poster on here.

It's a fun way to interact with each other and to let our readers and followers step into the wider blogiverse. I mean, yea us bloggers like each other and help each other out but do we really know each other? So I created this to also get to know each other. It's fun, anyone can email me, and if you want to start doing guest posts also, go right ahead. It's fun!

Anyway a few people have emailed me already and I already have one set to go. I'm doing it Monday because I was supposed to put her on Saturday but with the no internet thing going on, I'm doing it now. But like I said in a previous post, this might be done on Saturdays and/or Sundays. Shall we get started, though?

Today it will be....

Rebecca from Beck's Book Picks. She's 28-years-old, an avid reader, an aspiring author and spends most of her time chasing after her kids.

Seeing that she has kids and loves to read, one topic popped into my mind for her.

Reading and your kids. How do you plan to introduce literature to your children? If already done, how do you plan to keep it going and further the experience? If you already have, how well do the two mix together and how does it feel knowing that your opening millions of worlds to them?

Thank you so much for having me on your blog today Michael.

Reading is a huge part of my life and so is writing. My kids always see a book around me. It’s either stuffed in my purse when we leave or sitting next to me in any room I go. Often times they like to sit next to me with their own books. My daughter Brooklynn is four and she isn’t reading yet. She loves to look at chapter books such as Junie B Jones and tell the story in her opinion. My son Ethan is six and he is a great reader. He is currently in first grade and reading at almost third grade level. He often lays in bed at night and sneaks books under his pillow to pull out once he thinks I have tip toed off to escape to my own book. Books are important not only in my life, but also in theirs. I am so glad to see the relationship that they have with books. They love taking trips to the book store and picking out books. I think our house is overflowing with children books. I actually have a huge box hidden away to donate and it’s probably about time to clean out again.

My children as I stated above are used to seeing me with a book. They know it’s my escape from the world. I don’t want much TV. My kids love to see how long it takes me to read a book. If I am ever reading a book for more than a few days, Ethan will ask if it’s any good. Sometimes since he is the one who is such a good reader, he likes to have contests with me to see who finishes reading first; however he always wins, since most of his books are much shorter. Sometimes I think he cheats too. That’s ok, because I love seeing the look on his face when he has finished a book.

It warms my heart knowing that my kids enjoy reading as much as I do. They have a whole world opened up to them and knowledge to keep them busy. I hope as they continue to grow up that they will keep books close to their hearts and continue to love it the way they do now.

Thanks so much again Michael for having me on your blog. I enjoyed taking a time out and getting to stop and think about my children and how books affect their lives.

Reading this actually had me smiling the cheesiest smile the whole time. I seriously imagine this young boy hiding a book, acting as if he his sleeping and then having his mother walk away to bed and he pulls it out to start reading. Only to get caught and start laughing as if nothing happened. Sounds a lot like me when I was younger.

It's amazing how just the simplest words can create something so amazing and so beautiful. It is sad that most people don't read but I think that they are lucky to have a mother who loves to read and loves to share her experiences with her children. Just wait until they're a little older and reading the novels of tomorrow as we all do. Then, not only will your house be overflowing with novels, but with different worlds.

Hopefully their love for novels will continue to grow so that when they're older and have kids, they'll be able to pass it down.

I would like to thank you Rebecca for having the time to answer the question. It does mean a lot to me to be able to connect with you and your reading life and know that your next generation of family as interested in novels as we all are.

As you can see, it's not only a guest post but a sort of a short interview. How many times have we interviewed authors? What about someone interviewing us? We too are special and awesome and epic. So if you want to be interviewed send me an email with your name, age, gender, blog and suggested topics. I take anyone of any age, any gender, any race, any color, whoever you are. You could have 15 followers or 5,000. You could have been blogging for 2 months or 2 years. If you want to be interviewed just send me an email.

Leave some comments down below with what you think of Rebecca and her kids. And we shall see you around the blogiverse! =D


Rebecca said...

thanks so much for having me on. I really enjoyed it.

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