2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Author Interview - Ellen Hopkins

Well to be honest it's more of a one question ordeal than an interview. Why one question you ask? Because, anything you want to find out by Ellen Hopkins can be found online and it would just be a bother to her to be asked things we already know. So I chose one question that really got me thinking and really got inside of her.

Not only that but she's busy writing more novels, attending her family and going on tour really soon. (She'll be in Princeton, NJ twice and in NY once which I need to attend at least one!) So I just asked her one question and hoped she would answer. Which she did!

I sent her an email saying how I was doing a novel spotlight week on her new adult novel,Triangles, and the process of what I would do on the blog and hoped she would answer a question. The question was;

Are you ever afraid that people will think your books are becoming repetitive or that you're running out of ideas?

Her actual response;

Hey Mike,
It will be great to get some buzz out about Triangles. As for your question, my answer is I don't worry about what people might think when I choose subject matter or build characters. I write the stories that speak to my heart. So far, I believe, my characters are all very different, and they are the ones telling me their stories. The book I'm writing now, Tilt, is a young adult companion to Triangles, so looks at the Triangles story lines, only from the POVs of three of the teens you meet in Triangles. They started insistign they had stories of their own to tell. Three very different characters than the mothers in the book, and three very different stories.

I hope that helps!

So you heard it here! I'm super excited for Tilt and now we know what it has to do! A companion novel seems freaking awesome especially since we get to see how the teens are dealing with all of this, especially since we don't really get to see them all.

But I think Ellen is right, her characters are different and although they might relate to the same problems, they're all very different and I think that's freaking amazing!

I want to thank Ellen Hopkins for taking the time to respond back to me through Twitter all the time and through email. She's an amazing person both writer and personal and I hope she never gives up writing.

Check back tomorrow for my review on Triangles!


LindsayWrites said...

love her! thanks for the interview!!!

here's my latest review, just posted it! for the predicteds! stop by! :)


DanielleD said...

Wow! I think I am going to buy that book when I get some money! It sounds very interesting and it sounds like a good I can really get into. :)

Anonymouse said...

Ok, after reading this interview I have to bump her books near the top of my to read list. I am a sucker for stories told from many points of view.

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