2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hurricane Sandy - I'm Back

Hey guys just want to say I'm here and alive. Sandy hit pretty hard and we took a lot of damage but hopefully it wasn't deadly, at least not for everyone. I do know that the jersey shore is basically destroyed and my heart goes out to the ones who lost their homes and family members all, not only in Jersey, but everywhere that got hit.

I just got my power last night but was a couple of days without it I know some places won't be getting power until the end of the month. Also gas lines are crazy! waiting in gas lines would go from 1-2 hours but I've seen people on there for 5+ hours now! It got to the point where they had to create a schedule because we're running out of gas. The license plates that their last number is an odd number can only get gas on odd numbered days. Even numbers at the end of the license plates can only go on even numbered days.

The lines go out for so long that people are forced to wait to get only 10 dollars worth at times. Not to mention those people who are waiting outside to fill up for their generators. 

Aside from that a lot of places are closed like clothing stores, fast food chains and everything else. Supermarkets have no produce, dairy, not meat and fish for us so we're forced eating canned and boxed foods. 

A lot of food has been thrown out because of having no power which is beyond horrible. The streets at night are pitch black which unfortunately is the perfect place for assaults. The weather is dropping down and we're expecting snow next week. With no power we have no heater and being forced to wear layers and layers of clothes to keep warm. Not that much but it'll only get worse.

Some places have been so destroyed that the people who worked there are no jobless for a few months, if not forever. Because they might not ever open again. Port authority of Newark for example. 

If you look on the streets people look completely lost and as if they don't know what they're doing and then there's the asshole drives that take advantage of no lights to drive like dumb asses. 

Schools have been closed and will continue being closed until the end of next week. Many high school students have missed their SATs because of this and even colleges missed their midterms.

I hope everyone who was hit the best and that we all get back up on our feet with a speedy recovery. But it seriously feels like the world has changed for us all.

And now we find out that next we're getting hit with a snow storm, and last year that this happened in October it knocked our power out for a couple of days. Seriously Jersey is getting hit by everything this year. 

I do wish everyone is getting everything back on track and I'll always be there to help out as much as I can.


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