2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tuesday's Novel Spotlight (32)

Today is the best day ever! Why? Because new books have been released into our wonderful world. Today though marks a kind of crazy event. Today, the fourth and final book in the Inheritance Series by Christopher Paolini has been released.

Inheritance by Christopher Paolini

For years, fans have wondered how the series would end. How Eragon's journey would conclude and finally we can now see how. It's kind of sad, I got into Eragon in 2005 when Eldest was released. Although I read up to the beginning of Eldest and then stopped because I wasn't feeling the story, it is the 3rd Series I got into while reading. The 2nd Series that I bought for keeps. So it is one of the oldest series I own on my shelf. I will buy this book and I do hope that one day I can read from the beginning and finish until the end. Hopefully I can and hopefully I will. But to everyone who is reading the novel today at this moment, congratulations on making it this far. It's been a long road and today an amazing chapter in our Eragon lives have finished. 

Sé onr sverdar sitja hvass! 


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Fairday Morrow said...

I think these books look fabulous and I have heard such excellent comments about them. I have Eragon- but haven't read it yet. Now that all the books are out I am hoping to start them. I heard from someone else that they started the series- but stopped. Maybe the length between books was too long? I hope you have time to read the series again and make it to the end.


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