2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Cast Them Away (6)

Hey Chroniclers! It's May! Holy crap! I was going to post more yesterday but I was feeling under the weather and my mind wanted to shut down and I wasn't up for it but I feel loads better now and can continue posting! We are back though with another Cast Them Away, a weekly meme hosted by me where we choose an actor or actress to play a character from novels if they were ever to become a movie or show. This week it'll be one that I really want to see on the screen and it will kill me if we don't get to.

Gone by Michael Grant is a series that I don't even want a movie for. I want it to be a show on HBO where we can see the struggles and nothing is censored. Gone is the first novel of six where everyone 15 and older simply vanishes from a town and surrounding area and everyone 14 and younger a left behind in a sort of bubble dome. Not only do they have to survive but some of the kids are mutated powers and have to fend off not only mutated animals but each other.

The novel is a heavy novel that censors nothing as we see the kids fight for survival and try to get a grip on reality. The reason I want this as a series on HBO is because a lot goes on between so many characters that a movie wouldn't do. A movie would leave out the important facts and dumb down the kids and make it just a story about love and survival where we see these kids being forced into adults.

Two of the characters though I completely saw as actresses and would love them to be cast for their roles. The first one is the role of Astrid who is the girl on the cover of Gone and I would love it if AnnaSophia Robb would play her role. Astrid is one of the few main characters who has no powers and is considered the genius of them all. She has to rely on quick wits and her brain to survive in this world.

There's times when she seems so fragile that she can break but there's others where she becomes a badass and starts kicking everyone's ass. AnnaSophia Robb has that look where she can be sweet but will change her mood in 2.5 seconds if you mess with her. Plus, we know she's a good actress so it's not like she'll suck and mess the roll up.

The next role I'd have to choose would be Diana who is the bad girl of the novel. She actually does have a power which is to read the level on other people's powers. While it doesn't seem like much it's able to help out her lover gain more power.

Diana is a lot like Astrid actually. While the two are often fighting for different things in different manners, they're all trying to reach that one goal which is to leave the FAYZ, the name they gave for the dome.

Diana is also seen as someone who is badass and can kick your ass if you mess with her but there's moments when we see deeper into her and see how she's fragile and suffering and would cry for mommy as much as any of the other kids inside the FAYZ.

While reading, there was one person on my mind. It's funny because the two girls kind of resemble their cover counterparts so I guess that's where I got the idea from, but I would choose Phoebe Tonkin for the part. Phoebe Tonkin is known in other countries for her work but she was recently in a show called The Secret Circle where she played the bad girl.

I think Phoebe would be an amazing Diana and that the role would allow her to push herself past her limits. Plus I want to see these two girls butt heads and show each other who is boss.

But what do you guys think of my choices? Yay or Nay? Would you prefer a tv show on HBO where we get the full story or a movie where things will be written out for the time frame? Leave your opinions down below!

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