2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
Michael has read 1 book toward his goal of 50 books.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tuesday's Novel Spotlight (28)

Hello everybody! Today is Tuesday which means books have been released! I actually haven't heard of any books being released today until I realized I did for one but I wanted to find something else. So after going on Google for a while, I found this book and went on Barnes and Noble to find out what it's about. Also I have 25 minutes left until tonight's episode of Pretty Little Liars so I will do this quickly.

Siren's Storm by Lisa Papademetrio. Epic last name by the way.

Nothing has been the same for Will ever since what happened last summer. One day, on an ordinary sailing trip with his brother, there is a strange accident. When Will wakes up, he learns his brother has disappeared, presumed drowned. Worst of all, Will can't remember what happened-his family finds him unconscious, with no memory of the accident.

Now Will and his best friend and neighbor, Gretchen, are starting a new summer. Gretchen seems troubled-her sleepwalking habit is getting worse, and she keeps waking up closer and closer to the water. Will is drawn to Asia, the exotic new girl in town. Nobody knows where she's from-all Will knows is that her beauty and her mesmerizing voice has a powerful effect on people.

Then there is another mysterious drowning, and Will and Gretchen begin to wonder; Is Asia just another beautiful, wealthy summer resident? Or is she something entirely more sinister . . . and inhuman?

It seems interesting, not sure if I'll get it though but if you have read it tell me what your thoughts on it are! I'd love to hear it. Now I'm going to have a quick bite to eat before watching my show. I'll see you all later! Bye! =D


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