2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
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Monday, March 12, 2012

Cover Reveal: Light by Michael Grant

Lately it feels like I've been behind on the times of cover reveals. I've been seeing new book covers days after they've been released. And it's just the same with this one, only thing is, I'm not the only one. When Michael Grant shared a picture of his computer's background, we noticed how he put all the covers of his book together and thought it was cute. That is until we noticed there was one more book cover than we know about. He just showed us Light and apparently it's been out for a few days already.

Light by Michael Grant is the final book in his Gone Series, a series where kids are left behind in a bubbled area and forced to survive with no adults. Filled with superpowers, drama and thrilling action, it's sad to see the final book so close to us. But have no Fear, this book should only be released next year. Haha I just made a pun. The fifth book Fear is set to be released 03 April, 2012 and I seriously can't wait for it.

I have to say this is my favorite cover. It just looks smoother and I love the colors of it they're very neutral colors and don't scream at you. And I'm sure this will be the best book of the series as well. Every book before this has been such a crazy adventure, I mean it's seriously one of the best books I've read. Just full of deaths and twists and lies and turns it's beyond crazy. So I can only imagine the big bang before the series finishes.

What do you guys think of the cover and are you excited for the finale?! Leave your comments down below!


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