2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
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Friday, May 18, 2012

Cinda Williams Chima Interview (Birthday Bash)

Today's post we bring you a special interview with none other than Cinda Williams Chima. Our wonderful Cinda has been super busy to the point of not even posting on her own blog but she agreed to do a small interview with me and I love her oh so much for that!

So let's get this started!!

Who is Cinda Williams Chima?
I am a person who has never stopped transforming herself. Sometimes I regret that I didn't find success as a writer sooner, but it may be that it just took this long to gather the experiences that I'm mining today.

Was it a difficult transaction going from The Heir Chronicles, to the more complex Seven Realms Series?
Not really! Each of the Heir Chronicles books is a bit more complex than the last. I think that happens naturally as your writing skills develop (not that I think complexity is always a good thing!) Because The Seven Realms is set in a world I created for an adult high fantasy series that I wrote in the midst of writing the Heir Chronicles, I felt very much at home in that world from the beginning. I've found it more challenging to go back to the Heir Chronicles now, and recapture the voice that I used in that series. You can never entirely go back.

If you could switch any character from each series into the other series, who would they be and why?
I'd like to introduce Amon Byrne to Jack Swift. I think they'd have a lot to talk about. Madison Moss and Raisa ana'Marianna would be an interesting combination, as would Leesha Middleton and Cat Tyburn.

How do you feel knowing that the final chapter of the Seven Realms Series is so close to the readers and that soon enough they'll see the whole vision you saw?
In some way I can't wait for them to read that final chapter; in other ways, I dread it. I'm hoping that readers will find it as satisfactory as I do. And that they can see the story flowing forward from there.

Do you have any plans to write more novels after finishing all the books in both The Heir Chronicles and Seven Realms Series?
I plan to write until they pry my cold, dead hands from the keyboard. I hope that readers will keep wanting to immerse themselves in the worlds I create.

Now that actually cleared up some questions I had (even though they all were questions I had) but I finally know that the Seven Realms Series is an adult series which is epic! 

But again, I want to thank Cinda Williams Chima so much because she took time from her super busy schedule to answer these questions. So thank you, Cinda, and as long as you write, I will be a huge fan and buying your books as soon as they come out! 

Before you guys leave be sure to check out the links down below to the previous posts, and make sure you check back in half an hour when Cinda provides a SIGNED copy of a book of hers for giveaway for you guys!

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