2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Random Ramblings Guest Post (Birthday Bash)

Whoa! Welcome everyone to the last post by someone else of the month! The month is closing up very soon and the event will be over and I'll be counting down to its 3rd Birthday! But before that we still have someone here who will be doing a guest post! Today it will be Random Ramblings! I asked her her thoughts on blogging and here was her response!


I have always been a huge book worm. However, starting a blog (that is now two years old) devoted to books and reading made the word, "book worm," mean and weigh so much more! See, the thing with me is that I have always constantly talked about books. A LOT. The problem is, with the exception of a handful of friends and family, nobody else here reads "for fun!" Who am I supposed to talk to when I want to rant or rave about something I've read or get all excited about an upcoming release or book event? Nobody really wants to hear me chat and chat about the same topic.. over and over again.

Book blogging is awesome for this very purpose. I can talk freely about books whenever I want, and the best part is, I get to hear back from people -- other book bloggers and bookworms -- who are equally (and some that are even more_ interested and passionate about the same thing I am. This to me, would probably be my number one reason for loving blogging about books.

Another thing I love about blogging, is that I have learned and discovered so many new things. First off, I feel like I'm a lot more open to new ideas now than I was before. I'm also more open to hearing other people's opinions on books. I have tried out so many new genres, authors, and titles. I picked up books that I would never even have considered in the past. With book blogging, I have also become much more aware of the book industry; author events, book releases, and general news. before, I was pretty much clueless with the industry. I mean who knew authors actually respond to emails, publishers send out reviewer copies, and that some book bloggers are actually considered as "Press"?? I know I didn't.

Through my blog, reading for me has turned from just a simple hobby that I do for fun, to something I'm incredibly passionate about. I really can't imagine quitting blogging, and I know for a fact I will never consider quitting being a reader.


I was the same way before I found about blogging and when I did find it, it was this whole new world and even today I'm still discovering it.

I want to thank you for doing this guest post and celebrating this awesome day with me! May our blogs keep being awesome! Haha =P

If you want to check out more of her blog and stuff, check out her;
Webiste: www.randombookishramblings.blogspot.com
Twitter: @ramblings2010
Facebook: Random Ramblings

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