2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
Michael has read 1 book toward his goal of 50 books.

Friday, June 7, 2013

To Be Read Pile (June 2013)

Hey Chroniclers! So this post is a little late but that's okay. The problem here is that we're halfway through the year, ALREADY! I can't deal with this. Everything is going so fast. But, to make things better, I present thee, the To Be Read Pile of June 2013!

To Be Read Pile (June 2013)
I no longer have books hanging out in front of other books! I actually have space to ad a book or two. Kind of. Once I finish more books I'll have space so I must get to reading. My problem is, as my shelves get more and more full and I find the need to use these two shelves, where will I put my TBR pile? The horror. But you can notice a bit of difference from last month.

To Be Read Pile (May 2013)
Last month I had 53 books. I received/bought 2 books only! Which is a record because I'm going crazy and NEED to buy more books but I need to learn how to control myself especially being super broke. I finished 4 books and started on my 5th. I was sick in bed with food poisoning for a few days and then left for sort of a mini-vacation for another few days and got no reading in for that week and a half. All in all I am now at 51 books. I thought I would've been lower but I guess not.

Last month I was supposed to read all of my ARCs and I got pretty far into them I think. I have about 3 left but that's okay. My plan this month is to finish the book I'm currently reading (which I actually finished along with another book) and read The Silent Deal and then start A Feast For Crows so my TBR Pile might not be low in numbers but you'll notice a difference from the big book being taken away.

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