2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
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Sunday, March 23, 2014

What A Scene! (2)

Hey Chroniclers! What's up?! It's Sunday once more which means it's time for another post of What A Scene! What A Scene! is a new weekly post, hosted by yours truly, where I give you a schedule of what shows I watched during the week and my thoughts on the episode. I love to watch shows as much as I love reading and I know a lot of you do too, so this way we can discuss if you guys have watched it as well. There might be spoilers even though I try not to post them.

The Walking Dead 4.14 "The Grove" - Oh my god! If you guys don't watch this show than you must. Everyone seems turned off by the idea of zombies but the majority of the show is about humanity and this episode killed me. As well as some other people. The show continues to prove that the main character doesn't need to be in the show for it to be amazing. This is actually the third episode without Rick and has been focusing on only one group. The deaths were tragic and I did tear up a couple of times because just wow. Everything was so sad yet so beautifully done. This show will be my death.

*The Crazy Ones 1.08 "The Stan Wood Account"
*Supernatural 2.02 "Everybody Loves a Clown" | 2.03 "Bloodlust"
How I Met Your Mother 9.21 "Gary Blauman" - This episode is making the end of the show too real. With each episode, it gets clearer that the end is near and this episode is shaping the show to an amazing ending. We see Ted out on a date with the Mother and he's telling her what happened before the wedding with a character. At the end of the episode, we see what happens to a lot of not all of the side characters we meet. How their lives turned out and what they went on to do. It was such a bittersweet episode and they're finally starting their goodbyes.
2 Broke Girls 3.19 "And The Kilt Trip" - This episode was all about my favorite day, St. Patrick's Day! Green beer, green clothes, green everything. As always this show delivered some funny lines that actually made me laugh out loud. I love how the show doesn't hold anything back with its jokes and is funny if you have an open mind and don't take offense to everything. Hopefully we get more seasons.
Teen Wolf 3.23 "Insatiable" - Holy crap! Does every show want to kill me?! The time has come and so has the death and as much as I called it I still couldn't believe it. It's so crazy but it'll be interesting to see how the show and next seasons continue without this character. It's going to get good!

Bates Motel 2.03 "Caleb" - I freaking love Emma! She's just so cute and I hope the weed boy treats her well. About Norma's brother, I kind of guessed his secret when we first saw him but when it was revealed my jaw still dropped because I didn't think it would actually be true. The season is picking up and getting really good and I can't wait until the next episode.
*Supernatural 2.04 "Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things" | 2.05 "Simon Said"
*The Crazy Ones 1.09 "Sixteen-Inch Softball"
Pretty Little Liars 4.24 "A is for Answers" - So this was the season finale and finally Allison tells us almost everything about the night she went missing! Finally questions were answered! But, questioned were also asked and left open. What did Spencer's sister tell her dad? Who did Allison's mom see? And who the hell is A?! The season ended with a huge cliff-hanger that leaves the fate of one character on the line and we'll have to wait until June to see what happens. 
Bad Girls All Star Battle 2.10 "Winner Take All" - I knew who was going to win because of spoilers but I'm still happy. I'm also glad the challenges were definitely stepped up which only means it's going to get bigger and badder. It's mindless fun that I like to watch and I can't wait until the reunion.
Glee 5.11 "100" - The 100th episode and everyone returned! Almost everyone, where the hell is Sugar?! Anyway, the cast did remixes of songs they sang previously which is pretty cool and it's also as epic seeing everyone together. The show feels like it's gearing up to its series finale which in a way it is. Season 6 will be its last but won't feature the High School. There were some exciting things that happened and I can't wait to see where it goes from there.

*Arrow 1.01 "Pilot" | 1.02 "Honor Thy Father" | 1.03 "Lone Gunman" | 1.04 "An Innocent Man" | 1.05 "Damaged" | 1.06 "Legacies"
The 100 1.01 "Pilot" - The show holds a lot of promise. I'm curios to see how Earth looks and what's changed and see who the hell threw that spear at the end. It's pretty cool how the storylines alternate between Earth and Space and I hope the show gets picked up for a full season and then more.
The Real World: Ex-Plosion 29.10 "Burned to Ashes" - The show is almost done but the relationships are getting crazier than ever. More hookups and breakups and fights have happened. And I'm not even ashamed to say I love this show. I just want more seasons.

*Arrow 1.07 "Muse of Fire" | 1.08 "Vendetta" | 1.09 "Year's End" | 1.10 "Burned"

*Arrow 1.11 "Trust but Verify" | 1.12 "Vertigo" | 1.13 "Betrayal"

*Arrow 1.14 "The Odyssey" | 1.15 "Dodger" | 1.16 "Dead to Rights" | 1.17 "The Huntress Returns" | 1.18 "Salvation" | 1.19 "Unfinished Business" | 1.20 "Home Invasion" | 1.21 "The Undertaking"

*Supernatural - Season 2 is seeming to be better than Season 1. The tone has gotten lighter, as well as the lighting and picture. There's some jokes here and there that keeps everything from getting too serious. Haven't exactly watched that much of Season 2 but I hope to get further in the coming week.
*The Crazy Ones - This show is super hilarious. I love the actors and hope it gets picked up for a second season. I love the bloopers that give at the end of every episode. I seriously do need to catch up though and hope that I will very soon.
*Arrow - I fell in love with this show and I fell for it hard! I love everything about it, the characters, the story, everything! I love all the little hints to other DC characters that they give and hopefully I can catch up on Season 2 so I can watch it weekly. My love for this show is so strong that it leaves me speechless. 

What have you guys been watching? Let me know down in the comments below!

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