2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
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Friday, February 4, 2011

Author Interview - Joann I. Martin Sowles

Time for another interview! It's a day late but I was working all day so it shall be up today. Now a few things before we get to the interview, after this, there shall be the post of the review and a giveaway for the book. I think it's good that they're all out on the same day. So yes, the author's name is Joann I Martin Sowles and she wrote a vampire novel called Laney which you shall find out about in the review. For now, the interview!

The Author

Who exactly is Joann I. Martin Sowles?
Wish I knew ;) LOL! I'm a mom, wife and writer (Pretty much in that order). I'm very close to my parents, I love my animals maybe a little too much and I home-school my two kids. So in short, I'm a bit crazed, covered in animal fur and mostly happy.

If you had a choice to writer about a lesser-known mythical creature (ie. Ogre, Imp, etc. etc) which would you choose and what kind of story would you create out of it?
Probably Mermaids. I had this great idea about them the other day but I'd need to put more thought into it.

Why did you choose writing? What told you, this is it?
I think it chose me. It was never something I'd planned to do...It just sort of happened.

What other authors do you enjoy reading and have any inspired you in a way you would have never thought?
Christopher Paolini's Eragon inspired the first story I ever started that I have yet to finish. After that, I've been inspired by many paranormal writers such as Charlaine Harris, Rachel Caine, Stephenie Meyer and JR Ward - just to name a few.

Do you base your characters and environments off of real people and places?
Yes and No. I've always pictured the town that Laney's story takes place in as Chico, California. As for the characters; there are elements of people I've known or know in some of my characters, including myself, but none of my characters are based on anyone specific.

The Novel

How did you come up with the idea for Laney?
Her story was stirring around in my head as I was desperately trying to find a good book with all the elements I wanted. Unable to find such a story, hers got stronger and eventually the complete story formed and she needed out.

Why did you make it Vampires with other Mythical Creatures? Why not a Werewolf story for example with Vampires in it?
I've always had a fascination with vampires. Werewolves have never been an attraction for me, I like them but I don't have a thing for them like I've always had for vampires.

Why did you add other Mythical Creatures into it instead of just keeping it a Vampire novel?
I think all mythical creatures go hand-in-hand. If you believe in one, you believe in all of them. I think that if there is a mythical world of creatures hiding from us out there, they'd probably all know about each other.

What do you honestly think of your finished novel?
That's a good one. *laughing* Honestly, I find the beginning a little hard to get through now that I've read it like a hundred times. But Laney and Oliver needed a beginning and I had to start somewhere. My favorite chapter is chapter 31 "Slayers". I live the scene with them in the bathroom. I get lost in it every time I read it. :) I love the book and not just because I wrote it. Every time I read it it gives me more and new ideas to go off of.

Are there any "deleted scenes" for Laney that didn't make it into the final cut? If so, could you tell us the idea for one?
I really don't believe so. There were a couple things I tweaked, but not so much that it lost anything. Because I self-published Laney I was able to keep it exactly the way I wrote it and I'm very pleased with the end result.

Future Novels

How many novels do you have planned for The Brookehaven Vampires? Do you think that maybe you'd write other books set in the same world as The Brookehaven Vampires but with different characters?
For Laney's story, at least 4-5. Once I am done telling her story I plan to write several other series within The Brookehaven Vampires series. Series 2's first book will be titled Nikki and will continue until her story is told and then I will move onto the next. At some point I plan to write Julz, Hayden and Oliver's stories as well as incorporating my first unfinished story to fit into the Brookehaven world.

Do you have any plans for other novels aside from your current world?
I do, but I imagine I will find a way to connect them somehow.

How exactly do you feel know that there are future novels of yours coming out?
Sometimes a little overwhelmed and excited, but it's still pretty new to me and somewhat surreal.

Now before we get rid of the serious stuff, any last words of advice you would like to say to readers and aspiring authors out there?
Don't give up and don't worry about what will happen when you've finished your story. Don't worry about what others will think of your work. Write for you and write what you want to read. Worry about the how's and why's once you've finished, otherwise you'll never get it done. Just know you can do it and you will.

The Fun

Top 5 Countries you'd like to visit?
The UK, New Zealand, Sweden, Romania & Italy (I could so go on- my list is very long) :)

Favorite food and drink together?
Chocolate Chip cookies and Milk ;)

Who would you cast as Laney and Oliver?
Probably Hayden Christensen as Oliver. I have no idea for Laney. My daughter, who is 9, says she's going to play Laney if it's ever turned into a film/TV show. ;) Not sure how I feel about that...

What's your favorite novel and movie? Aside from your own novel.
Movie: Serenity.
Novel: too many to choose just one.

Thanks for the great interview Michael. I really enjoyed it. I wish you the best at everything you do. I'd also like to invite everyone to my website www.brookehavenvampires.com to read the first 3 chapters of Laney.
Enjoy! ~Joann I. Martin Sowles

I would like to thank Joann for the interview and for those awesome words at the end. Be sure to stick around for the review and a chance to win a signed copy of Joann's novel Laney.


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