2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
Michael has read 1 book toward his goal of 50 books.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday's Novel Talk (49)

Happy Monday Everyone!!!! I'm in such a good mood only because I don't work today and can do what I want! Like read all day! >.>

Since last Monday, April 23 I started and finished 4 books and started my 5th in the late hours of Sunday night. I did better than last week which is weird because I thought I read less books. Guess the days just dragged on for me.

Monday - Tuesday (23-24)
The Fault In Our Stars: Finally finished the book and I absolutely loved it. I think it's the one with the most potential to be made into a movie because it has all the things a person can want. There's the humor, yet the sadness, the badass moments and the aww moments of romance. One of his best books and I can not WAIT to see what John Green comes up with next!

Tuesday - Friday (24-27)
Lockdown: This book seriously took me the longest because of the feelings! ALL THE FEELINGS! The very beginning made me feel physically ill to the point that I had to put the book down and almost didn't read it. I think it was because of the way it was written that there didn't seem any hope for the characters and it was just so good that I hated it. But I got to the end and LOVED IT!

Friday - Sunday (27-29)
Solitary: The second book in the Escape from Furnace Series by Alexander Gordon Smith, this one I read a bit faster because I was kind of expecting some things already. I mean I know he won't escape until possibly the last book but when the main character was so close to escaping and I thought he was, I was so freaking excited it was like watching a movie. I hate it so much that I love it though but I'll need a break before reading book 3.

Sunday (29)
Every You, Every Me: I liked David Levithan's writing but only in some books. I am so glad that his independent novels are a lot better. This book was simply amazing and I could not put it down, hence how I finished it in the same day. I hope to see more novels like this from him though.

Sunday - * (29-*)
Paranormalcy: I started this book by Kiersten White around 10 PM and am currently on page 126 of 335. So far it's good, reminds me of Kelley Armstrong's YA novels which I love, so hopefully this one will go right up there as well.

That's basically what I've read and what I'm reading, leave your comments down below and let me know what you've been reading! =D


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