2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
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Monday, March 4, 2013

Stacking The Shelves (9)

Hey Chroniclers! So this post is a day late but I wasn't exactly home yesterday so better late than never! Stacking The Shelves is a weekly meme hosted by the wonderful Tynga over at Tynga's Reviews where we show what we received or bought in the past week. This week I got a couple of things that I'm actually happy and excited for!

Bam! I'm so happy with what I got and I'm actually proud of the lighting in this picture! =P

All this is thanks to a wonderful person called Margie over at Bumbles and Fairy-Tales! Margie did a giveaway on Twitter where the winner would win a book off of their wishlist. I won and received a UK paperback copy of Cinder by Marissa Meyer! I keep hearing good things about this and first heard it from my friend Ky who loves the series! So I'm glad that I got that and thank you Margie!

She also asked me if I would like to review two books on her site as well as my own and I agreed because it's awesome to help fellow bloggers out which at this point we're all like family. So you can't say no =P
So she sent me a copy of Guys Read: The Sports Pages Edited by Jon Scieszka. It is a couple of short stories by various authors. She also sent an ARC of The Namesake by Steven Parlato. I'm actually really excited for this one and can't wait to read both of them though! So again thank you Margie for that!

She was also kind enough to send me a bunch of swag! I got some tattoos, an awesome sticker, as well as these small square type book things which I don't know what they're called. She also sent me a couple of bookmarks some of which are signed like the wonderful Maria V. Snyder and Gretchen McNeil! So again, thank you so much for this Margie! You made my whole week with this and I've been super excited since!

One of the best part though has to be her business card.

I have never seen a business card like this and I think it's the most creative and wonderful one out there. I seriously was cheesing so hard when I got this and I don't know why. Just the design and the way the card feels and it's just so cool. Her information is on the back side and it just looks so freaking neat and professional and just AWESOME! Everyone needs to make theirs like this one.

But that is all I got this week! What did you guys get? Let me know down below in the comments!

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