2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
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Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Book Lovers Holiday Gift Guide [Part 1]

Have you ever wondered what to get your friends who are in love with books? I don't know how many times I've gotten asked which books are good and which books are in right now. So I decided to create a small gift guide to what you can buy your friends this Christmas. And let us begin.

First let's start off with books that have been turned into movies that will be coming out soon.


Those four above are 4 of the many anticipated movies that will be released in cinema's in the year 2013. If I were to include all of the movies we'd be here for days because inspirations comes from books in bunches! Now depending what you're into you might be able to find these books interesting.

If you love demon fighters and an interesting story-line, City of Bones is just for you. Into magic and forbidden love, Beautiful Creatures is exactly what you want. If you want to read a different kind of love story with a bit of humor between a human and a zombie, Warm Bodies has it all. Or if you're looking for alien invasion, The Host will seep into your mind and take over.

So now the next category will be Dystopian books that I extremely enjoyed. 


These three books are some of the best Dystopian books I have ever read and I can say has graced us with their presence. Everyone knows what The Hunger Games is so I don't even have to explain. But, Gone features a world where everyone over the age of 15 in this small town in California disappears and the kids are left to defend themselves in a bubble where animals have mutated along with the kids who are gaining powers. The Maze Runner is like a cross between the other two where kids have to find their way out of a maze they were put in with no memory of their past.

The next category has to be Adult Fantasy. Three different book series that every adult should read for sure.


There's not much that I can say about these three series except that they are high fantasy, action packed, full of adventure and all of that good stuff. Sword of Truth and Wheel of Time series are like close to 1,000 pages each book with over 10 books in the series and they are gooooood. Where A Game of Thrones is seven books of greatness and epicness! The Night Angel Trilogy is a great story about an assassin that deserves to become a show on HBO. If you're into cunning assassins and murder everywhere, this trilogy is for you.

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