2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
Michael has read 1 book toward his goal of 50 books.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

X Factor US

First I want to say sorry I didn't post yesterday, I was filming a movie for my friend and yesterday was the last day of shooting and it was just so much work and I'm dead. =D

But I am back and I want to stray from books today to talk to you about X Factor! In particular a certain  act!

You see those five girls up there? That's Fifth Harmony, one of the best things to happen on the show. And they are in danger! These five beautiful girls were put together in a group and have been climbing higher and higher ever since. Now what is it that I'm really asking for you guys to do? Vote for them.

Take yourself to TheXFactorUSA.com and vote for them after watching their performance tonight at 8PM on Fox5 Eastern Time. You can vote 50 times online on the site and then unlimited times by your phone and trust me, they need all the votes they can get! They were placed in Fourth Place last week out of six acts and need to be at least third tomorrow night to advance on to the finals. And I'd rather have them in the finals over Emblem3 who come off as very douchey at times. I mean you're in a competition show performing, don't go off to the audience members to get their numbers. Multiple times. It's happened and is on camera. 

So please vote for these girls and I swear if they make it through to the next round I will love you all and maybe even find the money to give you guys a book =O Am I buying your votes with the promise of a book? NO! I am simply loving you guys enough if they make it through. =D 

And that is all really. Vote for them! And posts will be back to normal soon! =D Love you all! 


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