2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
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Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday's Novel Talk (16)

Hello fellow followers! It is Monday and I am tired and just remembered for the 8th time today that I have homework to do. Crap. So I'll be rushing this up a bit.

Naked Empire by Terry Goodkind is still in the same place. I seriously can't wait for some sort of break so that I can just read.

The Demon King by Cinda Williams Chima, I'm on Chapter 4, Page 60 and it is interesting. I found out that the reason I can't really read it, is because I'm reading the other book for class. And since I'm almost done with that one my mind is just making me finish that one up first so that I can then turn my attention to this one. But yea, I'm really excited with this one because it's starting to pick up and there's more mystery and interesting things going on that I want to find out what the hell it means. Like what are those cuffs around Han's hands really about? There has to be a whole plot revolving around them. I just want to get to it already haha.

A Lesson Before Dying by Earnest J. Gaines, I'm on Chapter 22, Page 168 out of 256. I actually have a test on it from Chapters 1-15. And I'm the only one who is actually ahead. So I'm trying to finish it and figured out the whole gist of the story before everyone else even thought about there being a gist. I still don't know why I'm in this reading class. Um, HELLO! BLOGGER HERE! But yea, I am actually enjoying this story which I thought I wasn't. And that's really weird.

But yea, hopefully next week I'll be done with this book and some more into The Demon King. I'll be able to talk about it more and go deeper into it.

Oh and I have a surprise this Thursday and Friday! It's really awesome and I'm very excited for it! Mwuahahah. So see you all tomorrow!


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