2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursday's Author Spotlight (8)

Finally I have started another Author Spotlight post for the longest. haha. no -__-' I suck, I know. Anyway Thursday's Author Spotlight is a weekly meme hosted by me, The Subtle Chronicler, when you introduce an author to your followers. Talk about them a bit and show their works. This week's is actually someone very interesting to me.

Graham Peter Taylor or G.P. Taylor as he is known, was born in Scarborough, North Yorkshire in 1958. (Seriously, what is up with these authors all looking young?! I swear there's a fountain of youth they're not sharing.) Before he became a full-time writer he was an Anglican vicar for the village of Cloughton, North Yorkshire. Pretty interesting, when he was younger he became involved in the occult. That was before he turned his life towards Christianity.

Interesting thing actually, I don't remember if I said this but I'm an Atheist. But I'm the kind that respects every religion there is and won't say that a religion is wrong only because I don't believe in it. I'm also very interested in the subject of religion. I like hearing the different stories of the different religions and see how they all compare and contrast to each other. So I'm not really the type of person to discriminate against books with religion in them.

But I received two of his novels from Tyndale House Publishers, and I was really interested in them. To start of the books are a mix between a novel and a graphic novel. For example one of the books, Pages 52 & 53 is the novel part and there's images of feathers around the text. 54 & 54 turns into a Graphic Novel. 106 & 107 are two black pages with the word Growl and a pair of eyes largely printed across the two pages. It's a very interesting change and it was fresh and enough to keep me going. I see where the religion came in these two books (which by the way are titled The First Escape & The Secret of Indigo Moon).

G.P. Taylor has been described as "The new C.S. Lewis." by Heaven and Earth Show, BBC and "Hotter than Potter." by London Times. Now I don't mean this in an offensive way or in any disrespect but that I have to disagree with. J.K. Rowling and C.S. Lewis are legendary authors whose shoes are hard to fill in. And while G.P. Taylor (haha just noticed they all have two initials and last name) is an amazing author, I feel like he hasn't reached that level. YET! We never know, he might be up there very soon.

He really is awesome and that he uses religion in his novels is also awesome so you guys have to check him out for sure.

Partial Sequels
Mariah Mundi
The Dopple Ganger Chronicles
Vampyre Labyrinth
  • Redeye (September 2010)
  • Dust Blood (January 2011)
So check out his books, check out more info on the author, and his website over at http://www.gptaylor.info/

I really hope you guys read his books because he really is a good author and I'll be checking out more of his works soon.


Crystal Jigsaw said...

A great review.

CJ xx

Mary said...

Excellent interview -- Just stopping by to let you know that I am returning the follow.

Michael Antonio Araujo said...

@Crystal Thank you =D

@Mary Thank you also and thank you for returning the follow haha

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