2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
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Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Story About A Hospital...

So you guys might be wondering why I haven't posted anything recently. Well Thursday my mom broke her arm, again, but this time her left instead of right. She broke it in April/May and recovered not so long ago with occasional pain. And now it's the other one. -__- Wow! But yea, Thursday I had to go to the Hospital and stuff and there was this old lady there. And the conversation went something like this;

Lady: Jessie.
Me: >.> -looks subtly around-
Lady: Do you know why I called you Jessie?
Me: <.< Why?
Lady: You look and remind me of my son.
Me: Aww, how cute, thank you. How old is he?
Lady: 28.
Me: Oh.


Lady: Susan.
Me: O.o <.<
Lady: She reminds me of my sister Susan.
Me: Who?
Lady: You're mom.
My mom: -in Portuguese- What is she talking about?
Lady: Yea. So she broke her arm?
Me: Yea =(
Lady: I broke my left arm before. And right. Both legs. My neck. I've been broken all over.
Me and my mom: O.O!

And then! She was hooked up to the oxygen tank and this lady took her away and IT WASN'T PLUGGED IN! Before I got to say anything they went into this room. So I figured they're gonna hook her up. She comes back minutes later, and she's dazed out and like foaming at the mouth and not breathing and falling. Then they noticed that the thing wasn't plugged in! She was getting no oxygen and dying in front of everyone.

I was just like Holy Crap!!!!

But yea, I hate hospitals. They're so morbid and no happy at all. At least make me feel comfortable there!

So yea that's my story. But onto book news, I found some books being released next year and got the covers up on the side! =D And I have some reviews to write so I should be getting to that soon. My semester ends like the 19th of this month and starts around the 17th of January. So I'll be reading and writing reviews galore =D

See you later peeps! Thanks for following! Leave comments showing love <3


sarah s said...

Thanks for the comment on my "Classics" post. I too dislike Twilight, but I think anything that gets teens to read the Classics is a good thing. Thanks again!

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