2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
Michael has read 1 book toward his goal of 50 books.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tuesday's Novel Spotlight (14)

Hello my 261 Followers! <3

The Gathering by Kelley Armstrong! The Gathering is actually book 4 in The Darkest Powers Series so the adventure still continues. From what I'm getting it's basically book one of another trilogy but still part of the same series. What's the book about though?

Maya lives in a small medical-research town on Vancouver Island. How small? You can't find it on the map. It has less than two-hundred people, and her school has only sixty-eight students-for every grade from kindergarten to twelve.

Now, strange things are happening in this claustrophobic town, and Maya's determined to get to the bottom of them. First, the captain of the swim team drowns mysteriously in the middle of a calm lake. A year later, mountain lions start appearing around Maya's home, and they won't go away. Her best friend, Daniel, starts experiencing "bad vibes" about certain people and things. It doesn't help that the new bad boy in town, Rafe, has a dangerous secret-and he's interested in one special part of Maya's anatomy: Her paw-print birthmark.

Hmm, makes you wonder what the hell is going on. And for those of you who are long time fans of the series, wait no more because the Prologue and Chapter I are online for you to read. Now you might be wondering exactly when this book will be released, and there's a date, or a month I should say. April 2011! Isn't it just exciting knowing it's so close. In just a few days we'll be in January of 2011! The year surely has flown by rather quickly.

Well leave your comments below on whether your anticipating this novel or not. And for real, leave comments. They make me happy and I love comments! <3

And tomorrow we shall once again start with GUESS THAT NOVEL! dun Dun DUN!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday's Novel Talk (20)

Hello my wonderful Followers! Finally I'm posting again. I finished my last paper that is due tomorrow just an hour or so ago! So I'm really excited to get back to reading and posting up on my blog. So it's Monday and that means it's Novel Talk time! Since I haven't read any books in a while, although I did read a few, I'll be asking you guys for something. Are there any books you're all waiting for to be released? I noticed that my Upcoming Novels thing on the side has like 3 books in total now so I wanted to know if you guys have any novels you're waiting for? That way I can add up there. Leave the novels down below in the comments. And now onto the talking!

Currently reading three different novels. The first is for class;

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. Again my thoughts of this book have not changed, it's actually getting worse. The language is so boring, I mean I know I love details and complexity, by please Mary, simplicity would work better for you. She just uses a million different words to describe one thing and at times confuses the people. Plus she doesn't show but tells the story. And everyone knows the golden rule of writing; show don't tell. But yea, I'm currently on Page 42, Chapter VI although I'm supposed to be way further than that. And to think I was actually excited for this book. Blah!

The Exiled Queen by Cinda Williams Chima. I actually haven't read further than where I was already on Page 44, Chapter 3. Looks like I was wrong the previous novel talk post =P I think I said 70 something haha. But it's still good, just on hold for a while as I get a certain novel out of the way. That novel being;

Naked Empire by Terry Goodkind! Remember how I started the novel over again, well I finally passed the place I was at and I finally remember all that happened and it's getting really, really good! I'm on Page 188, Chapter 18. It's getting crazy now that a certain important character has been captured by unknown people and we don't know what the hell is going to happen but I will definitely read more tonight. I'm actually reading this novel pretty fast, or so I think. Maybe it's just because I haven't read in a while xD But hopefully I'll finish it really soon.

So that's all I'm reading so far and how far I am. Comment below with the novels you're waiting for to be released and I shall see you all tomorrow =D

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Attention! Special Event Going On!

My friend, Andrea, over at Loud Words and Sounds is having a special Event called Thanks to the 1st!

Thanks to the 1st began on the 15th of November and will last up until the 30th. What is it?

A whole mass of contest and guest posts from fellow bloggers and authors!

There are regular contests that you just sign up to win awesome books! But then there are the cool ones like Cover Remake where you basically remake a book cover. Check out the link to see what it's all about.

So why exactly am I posting this? Because Andrea is this awesome blogger with an epic blog who helped me out when I got started so now I'm helping her out! You all have to go check her blog out now or I'll really send the Nargles. Yes, I also did a guest post on it where I tell you my favorite thing about Thanksgiving. But I won't tell you when it'll go up so that way you have to go and check it out everyday!

So COMMENT, ENTER, FOLLOW! DO IT NOW!!!! To go to the Thanks to the 1st Official Page just click the link and go check it out with the books you can win and the prizes you can get.

And tomorrow is also Thanksgiving, I hope you all have a lot of food on your table!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tyger Tyger Book Trailer

Hey guys so I'm back once again with some of the news I said I had. This one is actually something pretty cool. Kersten Hamilton sent me the book trailer for her novel Tyger Tyger. It's pretty awesome and I've seen it about like 5 times now haha.

So check it out here;

And you can buy the book here. So yes, check that out, buy the book, love the author! =D I'll see you guys soon once again.

Monday's Novel Talk (19)

So I have to start posting now that I'm basically on break. Just have to finish this paper, hand it in tomorrow and I'll be good! But yea, thank you followers for continuing to follow me and the new followers! So close to 300 which is epic! You know I love you all <3>

Naked Empire by Terry Goodkind I kind of restarted it. So far I'm on page 81 once again. I forgot exactly what happened previously so I had to start once more.

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley is horrible! Do not read it. It is boring and it's written too formal for my taste which is ridiculous. I'd rather read Bella Swan's thoughts. That's saying a lot.

The Exiled Queen by Cinda Williams Chima I'm around page 74. Giving it a rest and reading some books for review. As I have to review a couple so far. But the book is awesome. I liked the first one and so far this one I'm loving it.

I also finished Zan-Gah the first book and now I'm reading the second, Zan-Gah and the Beautiful Country by A.R. Shickman. I liked the first one, it was something different than what I usually read so it was good. I'll have a review up soon.

So yea basically just four books for now. Trying to get the smaller ones out of the way so that I can bring down the pile of books to read.

So keep an eye out for the next post. Sorry this is in a rush, I just have so much to do -passes out-.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

I'm Alive!!!!

So I haven't posted since last Wednesday and I wonder why....

-flashback- Me walking down the street when I get shot like 20 times.......

Alright I'm absolutely kidding. I've just been extremely busy with homework. I have two papers due next week both around 10 pages each. One is on this famous New Jerseyan and the other is on the European Water Voyages to the New World! =O

So yea the history one sucks and I feel like I'm going to pass out with it. But the New Jerseyan I think I can do and I might finish it soon. Then I can finally come back to posting. =D

So yea I didn't abandon the blog or get shot or anything I've just been really busy and when it's done I'll be able to post everyday =D

See you guys soon and wish me luck!!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Guess That Novel (15)

Finally, another post from Guess That Novel! It's been what? 3 years? Phew, what a long time!

Anyway, we should get this done because I'm starving and have a lot of homework to do. =O Stupid homework! School is for dorks!

Anyway! On to the previous quote;

There was once a kindly old wizard who used his magic generously and wisely for the benefit of his neighbours. Rather than reveal the true source of his power, he pretended that his potions, charms and antidotes sprang ready-made from the little cauldron he called his lucky cooking pot. From miles around people came to him with their troubles, and the wizard was pleased to give his pot a stir and put things right.

The winner, who correctly guessed this novel, and the short story is Misha from My Love Affair With Books! Misha correctly guessed The Wizard and the Hopping Pot in The Tales of Beedle the Bard by J.K. Rowling. Congratulations! Everyone check out the blog and follow! I gave it a look (like a do with everyone's blogs) and it is truly awesome. So go ahead and check it out! But first we need this weeks quote.

Now, let me just try to find one...

Actually since I missed a quote from Halloween let me add a book that is connected to Halloween. It's not about Halloween but it's about a monster. RAWR!

The monster saw my determination in my face, and gnashed his teeth in the impotence of anger. "Shall each man," he cried, "find a wife for his bosom, and each beast have his mate, and I be alone? I had feeling of affection, and they were requited by detestation and scorn. Man! you may hate; but beware! Your hours will pass in dread and misery, and soon the bolt will fall which must ravish from you your happiness forever..."

The quote goes on and on but I cut it short there. So click on here to fill out the short form with the name of the author, the title of the novel, your name, and your blog link to promote on the next post. If you don't have a blog no worries. I'm actually thinking about a way to make this into a contest. Maybe in January I can make this a contest. And now that I think about it Ky from Can't Find a Bookmark (is it that?) did a contest with quotes. Hmm interesting.

But yea check back next week to see who got it right! And leave comments so I can feel loved!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday's Novel Spotlight (13)

Blah! It's Tuesday and I'm extremely tired! Perhaps it is because I woke up at 6 after falling asleep around 3. Only because I was reading. =D Plus I just want to sleep and GLEE is about to give! So I shall hurry with this.

This week's novel is Lodestone Book Two: The World of Ice and Stars by Mark Whiteway. I got the novel for review a while ago but with being busy and all have not read it yet. But I shall soon. So what is this about?

The desperate race to save a world continues! Washed up on a desolate shore on the far side of the world along with the Chandara, Boxx, Shann must try to uncover the truth about the fate of her companions, while searching for a vital artifact hidden by an ancient civilization.

There's a lot more to this novel. But you kind of have to read the first one first or else you will not understand it. On that note, check out the review I wrote for it.

And sorry that this is really short =( I'm just super tired and am about ready to knock out. Tomorrow it'll be longer. Promise.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday's Novel Talk (18)

Hey guys it is Monday! I still have homework to do but I'm taking some time off from that so that I can do todays post. So let's see what I have been reading.

Naked Empire by Terry Goodkind. No comment as you all know where I am at with that. =D

The Demon King by Cinda Williams Chima. Chapter 17, Page 298 out of 506. Oh Merlin, I thought there was about 300+ Chapters not 500+. -__- I really need to step it up. But I have read today and I will read some more today hopefully. It's getting really good so far! I'm more wrapped up in it than I was before in the beginning and interesting stuff is starting to happen. Like the magic <3

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. I'm on Page 1, Letter I. I have to read up to Chapter 1 and there are 4 Letters before the Chapters, which are like Chapters themselves. Hopefully I'll go further than Chapter 1 tonight so that I can just relax and chill with it.

Since this is pretty short I have something to say. So my goal to get 300 Followers by the end of the year is almost complete. I just need 55 more followers =O Hopefully I can make it. Haha xD

Follow my The Subtle Chronicler Facebook Page. In other words, Like it.

Another thing, I take the bus to and from school. And from school I always see a couple of people reading. Something I never really saw before. It's just weird because before it was just me. And before it was only females. And I was just like O.o. But today there were like four other guys reading. And I felt so proud because I live in the ghetto so everyone is mostly all hood. So I was just proud of them and how they were all into the books. xD

My job to have more males reading is going great! =D So yea that's basically it until tomorrow. Short post I know but I need to get back to my massive amount of homework. ='( Bye you guys...

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Never Go To College! -Or Do-

I am going crazy! I haven't been posting!!!! =(
My last midterm finally came and went so I'm done with those. But now I have so much homework and it's keeping me so busy from posting! Even from reading books which sucks.

Especially this week my professor's just went crazy with giving out homework. Shall we see what I have to do? Sure, why not.

Psychology: A paper where I have to write a paragraph for each term. (There's 10.)

Reading: Pages 267-268 do Exercise 3. 268-269 Read poem and answer questions. 277-284 Do all the work. Write about Prometheus. Read up to Chapter 1 on Frankenstein. And there's like 4 pre-chapters before Chapter1.

English: 10 page paper on a famous New Jerseyan. A rough draft due tomorrow about our eating habits.

History: 10 page paper on a History Topic. Mine is the European Water Voyages to the New World.

And yea, that's what I should be doing. I might just get Reading out of the way first. Or do the rough draft. Ugh!

But yea, hopefully I'll start posting again tomorrow on time. But if not, you guys can burn me at the stake. I give you permission.

But I haven't even read. I get home all tired from classes and so lazy that I end up not reading at all. I read on the bus, sometimes if I'm sitting down or by myself. Otherwise I don't even read there haha.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday's Novel Talk (17)

It's Monday once again! But this Monday is special since it is November. Halloween is over and Thanksgiving is just around the corner =D

So my important midterms are done. Psychology really was the only one I needed to study for and it turned out that no studying was really needed. I had my English today and my Reading I'll have on Thursday so I can post once again. Oh how I have missed posting!

So let's see.

Naked Empire by Terry Goodkind. Same spot, same place. I really have to start reading it and I have a plan which I'll talk about later.

The Demon King by Cinda Williams Chima. Chapter 13, page 238. I don't really know why I'm not exactly fully engrossed into this novel since I love it. I guess school is murdering me. -__-
But hopefully I'll get a bit further tonight since I have nothing to do but homework. Haha

I finished Dash & Lily's Book of Dares by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan. I loved it and the ending to me was perfect. The authors are amazing together and I'm hoping for more novels from them. They better. Or else.

Today I started reading Queen Victoria: Demon Hunter by A.E. Moorat and for some reason I didn't really get into it in the first three chapters. I actually quit in the middle of Chapter 3. It's just too rushed and it doesn't explain the characters as if we know who they are. Basically you should do some background check on Queen Victoria and King Henry before you read this book. I'll be putting it to the side for a while before I pick it back up.

Now my plan! I'll start with now. I should go take a shower but it's too cold for me to get naked. After that I'll do some homework for Psychology and then I'll read The Demon King. Now the plan from there is, I'll finish The Demon King before I start any other book. Once I finish The Demon King, I'll go back to reading Naked Empire in the day. That means if the sun is out I'll read it. At night when the sun goes down and the moon comes up I'll begin to read another book for review. To get those out of the way. Preferably I'll read the first two Zan-Gah books since they're 150 pages each. Big letters and really short. Get those out of the way and then go to The Riddler's Gift. I think that sounds good. And then I'll just take it from there. =D

So I'm glad to be back, hopefully I'll write some reviews for you guys and bam! Get back on track. So see you all tomorrow!
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