2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
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Monday, July 19, 2010

Heavens of Fire

What exactly is Heavens of Fire? To put it short, it's my novel. Sad thing, I've been working on it since January 5, 2006! In my defense, I've re-written it a few times. I want it to be perfect. So the story.

Long ago the Five Gods of Elements granted a gift and a curse to the land of Aydest. They granted the people good and evil. In the power of Elements. Every 100 years, two Elementals are born. One is good and the other is evil. They have no control over which side they choose, it is their fate and it can not be changed. Many Elementals have come and gone. Many important people have died along with them. One important man, elemental and king alike, has disappeared. With him went the string of Elementals. For 2,000 years there was no sight of them anywhere. Until a man comes out of the shadows, claiming he is descendant of ancient kings and with him comes proof. With him comes Elementals.

Faith is an 18 year old girl. Works on a farm with her mother, father and adoptive brother Angel who is 20. Their life is pretty much the ordinary until one day, while fishing, soldiers come for Faith. She barely escapes only to find her parents dead in a fire in their home. Or so she thinks. With the help of Dyami, she discovers that her parents were kidnapped and they know for a fact that the King is using them as bait to get Faith. But why?

The only way to gather more information is to let the soldiers capture her. Taking her to their prisons. In the prisons she finds not only a friend but who she truly is. In a moment of danger, Faith uses a ball of fire to protect herself. She is an Elemental.

Wanting nothing to do with her powers, Faith only wants to save her parents but must force herself to be who she really is or else she is dead. For not only does the King want to control her, others want her dead. On this journey to find her parents, she must find who she really is and learn to accept that others need her help just as much as she needs theirs.

With many enemies, she must fight her way to survival. Because has four other powers to learn before she can truly do what she must do. But she must caution herself, for another Elemental stalks her from its comfort. She thinks she has it under control, but can she control herself when she finds out who the other Elemental is?

Heavens of Fire is set in the land of Aydest. Aydest has 5 different regions. One for every power. Faith must travel to each region, with many side-quests in the middle. So I have to talk about one character. She's an elf and she has a lot of secrets and stuff. Veronica created her and her name is Siofra. She's pretty epic and can kick ass and all that. Oh and she has a little something something going on with Angel. Haha.

Well I actually have some chapters up online if you guys want to read it. But I'll only put the link up if I see that people do want to read it. Oh and tell me what you guys think about it. Does it sound interesting? Boring? Cliché? Just tell me stuff haha. I'm feeling the inspiration to write right now too so I'll be off and try to at least finish it haha.

Oh by the way, thank you Leonor for making the image up top.

So, comment with what you think about it like your opinion, and if you'd like to read it. I'll send you guys the link. Thanks =D


SpunkiiReader said...

I think is sounds really interesting. I would definitely go out and buy this if it was published. I would love to read the few chapters you have up. PLEASE!

GuitarShank said...

I'll let you know what I think about it as soon as I finish getting through all the chapters. I'm in the middle of moving though, so it may take another week or so.

Ky said...

I think I read like one or two chapters of this. Though granted this was like over a year ago. :P I shall have to re-read them. Actually... I still might have those chapters bookmarked.. O.O

From what I remember I did like it XD Keep it up. I would like to see this in print someday. And of course I'd love to do cover art :P If I ever manage to get photoshop that is. Le sigh

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