2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
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Thursday, July 1, 2010

I'm Depressed!

I know I'm a bit late but I just got out of my depression some what. So Tuesday was Portugal vs Spain in the World Cup. Portugal... well we lost against them 1 - 0. But that goal was not valid, it wasn't supposed to count. Bullcrap! But whatever, stupid FIFA people don't want to do anything about it to see if it was valid or not so Portugal is out. Spain won! Congratulations neighbor! You guys are our only neighbor. Be proud. Oh and let me not forget to add that Portugal was given a Red Card FOR NO REASON AT ALL! The Spain guy fell by himself and Ricardo Costa was granted a Red Card and then when every angle was checked, we saw that they didn't touch each other at all. That was some big bullcrap.

So since Portugal is out and Brazil is still in.... I'm actually hoping that Spain kicks Brazil's ass and takes them out in the finale! Because I do not want to hear them! Plus if Spain kicks Brazil out, Portuguese won't feel as bad... So let's go SPAIN!!!!! Show them how to play soccer! Just kick their ass please.

So to all my Spanish Followers, I'm rooting for you guys. Do this for both Spain and Portugal. Please! I'm begging you!

But since the World Cup for Portuguese are basically over, I really won't be watching much. And I apologize for talking about Soccer in my Blog about books. I'm a guy... We like sports... Women like athletes... It's a win win. But anyway, I'll probably watch the Brazil game and the Spain game. Rooting for Spain and yelling at Brazil.

So my final words, Spain, I really hate you for kicking us out but I'm rooting for you now. It's all up to you. No pressure. =D

Oh and I haven't read since Friday, horrible! I know! But I have no life this weekend. I know so sad. So I'll be catching up on my reading. I know I didn't do an In My Mailbox but I don't remember exactly what I got these past two weeks. And I didn't really get anything this week so I have to find something else to post on Sunday.

Oh and before I go, Special Shout-out to Veronica! She was so depressed when Portugal lost so I'm making her happy by letting you all know about her on my blog. Even though I've talked about her numerous times. Anyway I LOVE YOU VERONICA!

Yea... be jealous...


SpunkiiReader said...

I was watching the game and instantly thought of you! and when they lost I knew you would be posting something on here. and sorry to say that I was going for Spain... and I definitely want Brazil out!

Michael Antonio Araujo said...

Lmfao grrr... xD Well what's done is done and now I'm going for Brazil to be out. Which they better or I'll explode or something lol xD

SpunkiiReader said...

sooooooo...... BRAZIL's OUT!

Michael Antonio Araujo said...

lmfao I know... shows those cocky ones how they shouldn't throw fireworks before the party even starts =D

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