2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Twitter Picture Story

So Chas over at LLL Reviews asked me what the story behind my Twitter picture was well I'm bored so I might as well tell you. First off here's the picture.

July 27th. The year? 2009. Almost a year ago. Place, Den of Lions sports club. Event? My 18th birthday ;) heeeey. Anyway! So to point people in the picture out. The girl in the back is Daniela, the one in blue is Steven, the one in the wig is Nuno, and I'm the one being raped. Oh, by the way. This was supposed to be a surprise party but as always I found out and ended up planning it without my parents knowing. =D

We were going to have a stripper for my party. Yes, I said were. I was an 18 year old hormone raging man. I wanted my strippers!!!! But someone! at the friggen party had to be younger than 18. So she couldn't do it. Plus, I think she also said something about not having a pole. So anyway, we have no stripper, the party is a total bust. This is the part where no friends come in. 50+ people confirmed that they were coming. 50+! That place should've been JUMPING!

8 people went. FlUCKING 8! I was mad because that shows your true friends. Oh wait 9 sorry forgot about my friend who was being DJ. Well actually, 13. 4 couldn't make it but passed by for the cake. Yea, Veronica wasn't there either! But she was in Portugal so I forgave her.

Well anyway, the party is a total bust. We're playing beer pong and flip cup. And any other game we could think of. Oh no? We didn't drink alcohol? Never....


Anyway, my sister comes and gets Nuno and they leave so I'm all like wtf! Right? Just grabbing my friend and leaving. WRONG WITH YOU!?!?!

Anyway, half an hour later she comes back and there's no Nuno. So I'm like wtf did she do to him?! All of a sudden, this hot, banging chick walks in. High heels, tights, a sexy shirt, and the most luscious blonde hair I have ever seen. I'm all like oh crap!

Next thing I know, I'm being held down by my friends as in that picture while this friggen chick is giving me a lap dance and trying to rape me! On top of that, WEARING MY SISTERS CLOTHES! Talk about awkward.

So I kind of have to add a life lesson into this. Um it shall be, your true friends, at least some, will always have your back no matter the situation and how eccentric and crazy it is. For they are also eccentric and crazy.

Oh, and the reason we are wet is because it was raining and we just went outside because we're from JOISEY BABY! Yea, we were bored.

So yea, what I really learned from that is that I don't want anymore parties ever! Unless I invite the people I hang with now and it's nothing big. Therefore, I don't know what I'll be doing this year. I really don't -___-

So yes, that's my amazing story. Not. I have another post to put up so yea. =D

Don't drink unless you're 21!!!!! Damn kids...


Blueicegal ♥ said...

Hahahaha although Ive heard this story still mad made me laugh!! and true at least you found out who your true friends are, meh i don't even want to think about turning 19!! agreed no need to plan big as long as you got the real friends that matter:)

Ky said...

LMFAO! Can I come hang with your friends? Pretty please? Cuz they sound like a blast! You crazy kids. :P

SpunkiiReader said...

well that was alot more than I did for my 19th.. I was a newly wed and we possible went out for dinner! sounds like you had fun atleast!

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