2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Monday's Novel Talk (5)

Hello again. It's actually Tuesday but who cares haha. I was too lazy to put this up so yes I'm a bad blogger. Plus I'm super thirsty but the drinks are downstairs in the basement and yea. I don't go to the basement at night time for multiple reasons. If you've ever slept over my house you would know why.

Anyway on to talking novels! I finished Buffy the Vampire Slayer 1, Sunday morning around 4:30. Thought I had to wake up at 6:00 to go to the beach but we didn't even go. -__- So I got to sleep in on Sunday. Epic, I know.

So anyway, I've haven't started reading Naked Empire again just yet. I actually started Bitten by Kelley Armstrong so that I can finish before the 27th and send the review over. =D You know who you are -high fives-!

I'm kind of on the fence about this one actually. Which hasn't happened in a while. I mean I love the whole she's a werewolf thing and I love they way Kelley writes the experience as a wolf. It's so free and wild and exotic. Makes me want to be a werewolf also. And I don't mean the silly morphing whenever I want to ah this is so cool werewolf. I mean excruciating pain and suffering. Torment as my body goes through these changes and then finally a wolf. A wolf who wants to hunt and feed on people. Mess with my prey before I attack them.

That's a wolf right there. Although I'm still all about the full moon thing, this is a bit close.

The reason I'm on the fence about this right now is because when the main character is a human she's so... blah. I don't know she's just a mature version of Bella. Don't get me wrong, no one will ever be like Bella -shudders-. She's just the Bella of the story. Shes all like ugh, my life sucked. I WANT TO BE A WOLF! Ugh I hate the pack. She just complains about certain things and I'm all like shut up!

But maybe she'll get better! Who knows? But yea, I'm about to go and keep reading this. And maybe I'll gather some courage to go downstairs and get the 7 UP or the Iced Tea, Brisk. Decisions, decisions....

If anyone can read this, help me. Veronica is holding me hostage and is making me post. I repeat, send in help. The army, the navy, the marines, whoever! Just send help ASAP! Oh crap, here she comes. Heeeey...... -silence-


Beth (Maybe-Tomorrow.net) said...

lol, it certainly gets better as the book goes on. You find out why she's resentful to the pack and it starts making sense.

She's trying to live a life that's not really hers and she's not being true to herself.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the book, because the rest of the series is really good!

Look forward to reading your review!

Michael Antonio Araujo said...

Hey Beth!
I really do love the Werewolf side of her and the Werewolf story part of it.

I guess the reason I don't really like the human part is because in the beginning we learn how it feels to be a werewolf running through the wilderness and having the freedom and those senses or everything around you. We learn that it is an amazing experience so that when we go back to being human it's just like....

really, Elena? Really? Just zippit and Change again! Never have I been this into a werewolf, thank merlin she's a female one. =D

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