2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
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Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday's Novel Talk (4)

I finally have this up on schedule! Haha, but anyway today I'll be sharing you guys the two books I'm reading which you are able to see on the right side. So I'm currently listening to the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Soundtrack and it just reminded me.

This morning, early morning not my waking up time morning, I woke up out of nowhere and was facing my bookcase. And I noticed that my wand cover, which is this red velvet from Allivans where I bought the wand, wasn't at the bottom. So I look to the side and see it all like folded up and stuff on the side. So I'm wondering where the hell the wand is when I pull back the covers and noticed that it was in my hand. I'm seriously wondering what I was doing and who I was battling at night. Odd, I have a wand right? SO WHAT?! I'm a big ass potter fan and will buy more wands!

Anyway, Yes! I am still reading Naked Empire by Terry Goodkind. Actually I'm not really reading it. I'm still on the whole Chapter 2, Page 9 thing. Haha, let's not get started with that again. I really want to finish it and miss Kahlan, Cara, Zedd and Richard. So I'm thinking of some way to read it while reading my other book.

I'm also reading Buffy the Vampire Slayer 1. I still don't really understand what's going on. It's 3 books in 1. And so far there are 3 books planned. What I think and really hope is, is that they're re-releasing all Buffy books into this 3 in 1 plan and it's all in order like what happened first. Like in the show. If they do that it'll be really epic and awesome. I know Book 1 is Season 1 because it talks about the Hyena episodes. And Willow and Xander getting led on by Vampires in a cemetery.

And Book 2 has a Halloween story which Season 1 doesn't have a Halloween episode. So I'm really hoping they re-releasing all of the books in this plan and all in order. That'll be wicked.

Book 1, the three stories in it are, Coyote Moon, Night of the Living Rerun, and Portal Through Time.

In Coyote Moon, which I have finished, this Carnival comes to Sunnydale and the carnies are all weird. Comes to find out that they have some type of powers and stuff and Buffy needs to stop them before they raise some evil dude.

In Night of the Living Rerun which I'm in the beginning of, Buffy is having dreams of a past Slayer. That's where I'm at so far haha. I told you I was in the beginning.

I really actually want to read Portal Through Time only because it shows past Slayers and stuff. Really like Slayers and loved the last season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

So yea, this is a short Monday's Novel Talk. But something else, I have so many books to read and review and I really want to read Naked Empire. But I want to read that and only that, I'm getting kinda tired of reading multiple books at a time. So I don't know if I should just keep reading the review books by day and Naked Empire by night, or take a break and just read Naked Empire. I don't know! Give me your thoughts on this people. =D

By the way, if you're reading the Buffy novel, talk to me about it!

Oh and before I forget, SpunkiiReader (if that's correct, sorry if it's not)
You're from BarnesandNoble!!!!! Me too, known as Ravenclaww on there but my BarnesandNoble won't let me sign on! -___-


SpunkiiReader said...

yeah Ive seen you around and Im SpunkiiReader everywhere, helps those who want to stalk me (not that there are any). on B&N if you go to the last page of the online book club there is a link to my facebook, I just posted pix of my first ultrasound (if you didnt know I am 14 1/2 weeks pregnant)

SpunkiiReader said...

ohh have you tried using a different browser to log on? like if your using IE try Firefox and so forth... that might help

Michael Antonio Araujo said...

Oh snap, I'll have to see your ultrasound and add you. I should post my facebook page up too lol I'll do in the next post. I love making new friends =D

Congratulations on the baby!!!!

And I remember I used to do that haha and I'll try it again =D

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