2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tuesday's Novel Spotlight (8)

The novel of this week is not really a novel. Technically, it's actually novels. In fact it's about 18 novels although I only own 17. Here's the details. There's three series in one. The first is Deltora Quest which involves eight books. Deltora Shadowlands which is three books. Then Dragon's of Deltora which is four books. The others are stand-alone novels which is just a bestiary for all the monsters and the history of Deltora and some secrets of the past. It's all pretty interesting.

Now, the story behind how I found them. I was in 7th grade when I was sitting in math class and my teacher had a bookcase. Weird, I know. A math class with a bookcase. It's my favorite math class to date. Anyway, she would allow us to read books in class and if we wanted to take them home we would just sign the paper saying what we had and take them, returning them after.

I saw the first eight books there towards the end of the year and began reading them. Mind you they're around 200 pages long each book, so it's really really short. I got up to the seventh book before school ended. And then I went to eighth grade and never read them again. One day, my junior year of High School, I'm sitting in class with a friend who I graduated with in eighth grade and we start talking about our classes before. When we came to the subject of the bookcase in the math class. Turns out he read it also and here we were trying to figure out the names of the books and it was so hard to remember something from years ago.

Finally, I remembered the name with much research and got all the books down. I added them to my list and next thing I know I ordered the first seventeen. I remember it was Summer yet I don't remember which Summer it was. I think it was the Summer from my Junior to Senior transition. But I do remember, because I read mostly at night in the peace and quiet, that I would read from midnight until around two in the morning and finish a book. Sometimes I would finish one book and start the next one. So it took about two weeks to finish them all.

The memories all just flooded back and I remembered certain parts, but because it was years ago, I was shocked at others. I just felt like my childhood was currently going on. Until it stopped then it got snapped into adulthood, which sucks by the way. Now, I know for a fact you guys are all like, "Shut the hell up Mike! What are these books about?!"

Well here it goes you damn snotty people. I'm just kidding, I love you guys.

Books One through Eight, focus on three main characters, going around Deltora and finding a Gem Stone that represents each tribe and land that makes up Deltora. There is;
  • Topaz
  • Ruby
  • Opal
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Emerald
  • Amethyst
  • Diamond
Each gem has a different power and they must be added to a belt that was forged so that Deltora can be saved from the Shadow Lord.

*Look at the name of the gems and look at the name Deltora. You should see something awesome if you actually pay attention to them.*

In the following two series in a series, the main characters go to save the people of Deltora who have been captured and must find the Dragons of Deltora to defeat the Shadow Lord once and for all. But do they really defeat him? Who knows?

They're really good books, really fast read. You can read the first eight in about a day. It's very light read and its usually for grade schoolers. But if you like to read anything for the story, you'll get over the fact that its for the younger generation. A story is a story after all.

The other books like I said, are just more information. A bestiary to find more information of the creatures of Deltora. Tales of Deltora talks about how the Dragons roamed free and how the Gems came to be. Secrets of Deltora, as you can tell, gives us the dirty secrets we all want to know. Like who murdered who in the past. *Shocking*

Before I leave you all to go attend to your business', I would just like to say Congratulations to Veronica and Cristiano for getting to the four months. It's possibly the longest she's ever put up with someone. Except me which has been a few years now. But may you two forever be young and in love. And don't be stupid.

And with this, I bid ye all farewell. Now get out!


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