2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Author Interview - Levi Stack

Hey Chroniclers! It's been a few months since I did an author interview but I'm here with the interview I did with an author! I love doing Author Interviews because I get to know the authors a little bit more. This one that you guys will see soon is a pretty cool one. The author is young, which is awesome and he's such a great author. Instead of me just telling you about him, let me just let you guys read. So I present to thee the interview with author Levi Stack!

The Author

Who is Levi Stack?
I'm just a twenty-two year old dreamer. All I want to do is create stories for others, and live in the stories others create. If I can give back even a fraction of the happiness that books gave me, I'll be content.

How did the idea of writing and wanting to become an author come about?
I was stuck in a college business class when I had an epiphany: throughout my life, the only thing I'd remained truly passionate about was stories. In that moment, I thought about how amazing it would be to create adventures of my own. That's when I knew I had to write.

If you weren't a writer, what would you be?
At the moment, that's too frightening of a thought to dwell on.

The Novel 

How did the idea for The Silent Deal first come about?
I had an idea for a boy to stand up against a mysterious evil overlord. The Russian Empire, with its landlords, serfs, thieves, Romani Gypsies, and amazing landscape, seemed like the perfect choice.

Was it difficult writing about a world that seems far off but isn't really that far from ours? Any research?
I did a good deal of research, but mostly about interesting topics, and less about the affairs of say, daily peasant life. I wanted to learn about Russian mythology and castles and underworld criminal organizations and Gypsy performers--anything and everything that would work well in an adventure tale.

Is there anything from the novel that you wish you could add or take out now that the novel is published?
Yes. Definitely. Nothing I write will ever be perfect, and often that makes it painful for authors to reread their published books. However, by examining the flaws instead of ignoring them, you become a better storyteller.

What do you honestly think of your finished work?
Honestly, I'm proud of how it turned out. This book taught me how to write. I cut it down from 700 pages to 350 (yeah, I know) and it was a painful, wonderful journey.

Who would you like to play the characters of Viktor and Romulus if it were ever to become a movie? Or would you prefer unknowns?
Hmm. That's tough. I think in a few years, Asa Butterfield, the boy who played 'Hugo', would be great as Viktor. Romulus would be harder to cast. Maybe a Russian unknown? and if the movie was made, I think all the cast would need to polish up some good Russian accents--no easy task!

Future Novels

What is in store for the future of Viktor and Romulus?
Writing is the only time I enjoy planned, and I plotted out four books in The Card Game Series before I ever started writing. Assuming the boys survive, they're in for a dangerous ride. Book 2, The Magic Trick, should be out by Christmas.

Do you have any other books that you want to write?
I have a few ideas, but I won't start anything new until I completely finish The Card Game Series. As a reader, I hated it when an author would ignore a half-finished series to work on other projects.

Could you let us know a bit about them?
I can give you a hint about The Magic Trick. The story involves a dark, bizarre circus returning to Aryk...

Serious Questions
(These questions are "serious" questions that can be summed up in a word or two. They're very serious though.)

Would you prefer to be a Platypus, Kangaroo or an Armadillo?
Kangaroo, indubitably.

Would you prefer to jump into a book or bring the book out into your world?
Enter the story! Why not go all out?

Would you rather live in a Dystopian world or an Apocalyptic world?
Based on reading preference, Dystopian! Thanks for the interview Michael, and I hope you readers check out The Silent Deal!


Thank you Levi Stack! That was such an excellent review and I had fun reading your responses! As Levi said, you should all check out The Silent Deal which is seriously such a fantastic book! While you're at it, you should all check out some of the other places he takes up on the interweb!

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