2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
Michael has read 1 book toward his goal of 50 books.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

To Be Read Pile (September 2013)

Hey Chroniclers! So this post is a bit late, like very late. I thought I had put it up already and then I would realize I didn't and forget to actually put it up. And then that thought process would start all over again. It's better late than never though, so I present to thee, the To Be Read Pile of September 2013!

To Be Read Pile (September 2013)
So, you might notice that it's currently in a different place. I had to move the books onto my dresser that is against the opposite wall so that I could have more space on my bookshelves. Also, the wall is gray and not beige as it looks. It's the filter.

To Be Read Pile (August 2013)
Last month I had 53 books which, it just feels like it's never leaving that area. I received/bought 1 book only! Which I actually received and that's because I was in Portugal and couldn't buy anything. I finished 5 books and am reading the 6th (this was during the 1st of September). The thing is the 6th is Les Misérables that I started before going to Portugal and am still reading! (Even today!) All in all, I read about the same as last month which isn't that bad but could have been better. I'm currently at 48 books! Progress! Makes me feel good!

I don't exactly have plans on what to read in September, although I've read a few books already, so it's basically just winging it! Hopefully we'll see more progress in October!

Do you have a picture of your TBR Pile? Leave your link down below!

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