2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
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Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday's Novel Talk (7)

Hello my wonderful followers. Finally I am posting regularly and everyday. (I just noticed that I can't even say regularly right anymore. O.o) So today is Monday the 16th of August and we will talk about the novels or novel I am reading. Yes, I know you already know what this is about but I'm just trying to make conversation....

Anyway.... Finally! I am reading Naked Empire. I actually put everything else on pause for a while because I really wanted to get back to the Sword of Truth Series because I seriously missed my Kahlan and Cara. Right now I am on page 44, Chapter 6. Not much but I haven't actually been reading for a while but hopefully as soon as I'm done with this post I'll get back to reading. =D

So anyway, Richard is with Kahlan and Cara and his sister Jennsen and two other guys and they are still at the Pillars of Creation from the previous book. And they're traveling out and these black birds are following them. And Richard is worried because he knows that they are tracking them and whoever is using them is using them to spy.

So I kind of have an idea of who is using the black birds but knowing this series it can be someone completely different. And then Richard is getting nightmares and his headaches are returning and last time he got the headaches was in book 2, Stone of Tears and his powers were starting to unleash and he was taken away for like a year. Crazy, I know. So I'm hoping he's not taken away because I love seeing Richard, Kahlan and Cara together. And now that Jennsen is in the picture it's even more interesting.

So there's not really much to talk about yet, but hopefully in this Chapter a lot will happen.

Funny thing I noticed is that so far I have twelve of the books. There's a 13th which is like a future spin-off you can say. And then a 14th being released called The Omen Machine. And then possibly two more in the future. But the funny part is that I have twelve of them and I am on book eight. And we are on the eighth month of the year. It's not that I'm reading one per year. On the contrary I actually finished the first two on the first month. It's just that other books have gotten in the way. So I had to put these on pause.

And if you're wondering why I only finished two in one month, the second book is literally right next to 1000 pages. And the text is super small so it's a lot to read. If the text was regular twelve font, it would be around 2000 or so pages. That's crazy.

But yea, that's where I'm at so far. I feel like reading so I shall go and read before the feeling goes away. Um, I will put up another blog post of my reading list. Of how many books I have read and how many pages. I will do that soon, not sure when. Tomorrow's Tuesday's Novel Spotlight will be something that almost everyone is looking forward to. I can assure you that I am.

So until later, I thank you again for not defollowing me.

Oh! I forgot. The contest, the choose your own novel contest. I will announce the winners sometime this week. It'll be at random, the date I mean, but before the 20th. So good luck to everyone and yea. =D


SpunkiiReader said...

how could anyone defollow you?? and i really hope I win! :P

Michael Antonio Araujo said...

Lol they must not like me but the followers have been going up not down so I'm lucky =D And we'll see who the winners are soon. Can't wait actually! =D

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