2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday's Novel Spotlight (4)

Okay so I'm putting this up to post around 3:00 PM because I might not be here. Now I don't know if it'll work but it better. -___-

Anyway, this week's Novel Spotlight is Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins. Why, you ask? Because it comes out NEXT WEEK! How crazy is that. I've been waiting months for this novel and it's finally being released so friggen soon.

So, this will be a little different. It's more like discussing what I think will happen. If you have not read it please do not go on unless you want to be spoiled. But if you have read please do go on. (I figure that only those who have read will want to discuss this so comments might have spoilers).


We left off with Catching Fire where Gale told Katniss that District 12 has been destroyed. Obliterated. Gone. Which makes us wonder, what happened to the people there? Did everyone die? Katniss' friend? Her family? Gale's family? Peeta's? What the hell is going on?

And on top of that where the hell is Peeta?! And the others that were captured?! We of course will go on a mission with Katniss to save them and it will be so crazy. And then where is the airship taking them to? To me I think that District 13 is actually in hiding, at least the survivors, and that's where people are going. Because remember the two people she met in the cabin?

That was pretty crazy. So I think that's where they're going and basically The Hunger Games will not be controlled and people will be killing each other. That'll be sick and amazing.

But another thing, what the hell is going to happen. I mean, the first two were about The Hunger Games. What can the third possibly be about. I mean yea, the destruction and the survival and the helping out but there has to be more to it to fill up a whole book. Can another Hunger Games be in play?

Will there be enough creative juices flowing through Suzanne Collins head to give us a THIRDHunger Games? And all of the new characters we will meet. That'll be even better! Getting to see the different people from the different districts who are helping Katniss out.

But the part that we're all waiting for is the end. How will this all end? How will Collins wrap everything up into a nice little bow? Will there be any more books? Perhaps a prequel as to how the Hunger Games really started? To the first Hunger Games? That would be pretty cool I mean because in this trilogy people are used to the idea but imagine people's reactions and emotions when it first began. That must've been terrifying and over emotional for them.

We'll see how everything turns out and I just can't wait for it. I'll be writing a review on it too right after I'm done. And I promise that I'll try to keep it spoiler free. If it's not spoiler free I'll add a warning before and after.


But yes, tell me. Do you have any questions that you want to have answered? What are you most looking forward to? What do you think will happen?

By the way, you might have noticed that I didn't add no Team Peeta and Team Gale to this. That's because to me it's none of that. To me it's Team Capitol or Team District. Another thing, my friend Veronica is in love with True Blood, and she is going to start buying the Sookie Stackhouse novels, so I want you all to tell me.

Are they good? Are they bad? Any warnings, anything she should know before she reads it? What are your thoughts? Just leave them below in the comments and we shall be happy.


SpunkiiReader said...

I cant wait, and I agree with what you were saying about having another hunger game, but at the same time how would that work out with all the districts rebelling. who would agree to be in the game. and a book about the beginning would be nice also. man I cant wait!

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