2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tuesday's -Ever Late- Novel Spotlight (5)

Now I know this is very late but I just had to get this out there since the book is released next week and we're all eagerly waiting for it. Plus, blame Mockingjay for me not getting this post out on time. =D

Now, for this week as you can tell is the ever awaited, Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare. It's the first book in the new prequel Trilogy to The Mortal Instruments. I know there isn't much to talk about but there's some.

First off this trilogy is called The Infernal Devices Trilogy. Right off the bat, we have to ask, What are the Infernal Devices? Are they like some sort of ancestor items to the Mortal Instruments? Are they somehow connected? Or do they have nothing in common? For some reason when I hear Infernal I think of Inferno so maybe it's an item to do with Hell and the demons and stuff. That's pretty cool.

Now we know this is set in the Victorian Ages, but Cassandra Clare said that a character by the name of Magnus (covers ears from screaming girls) will be in it. I, myself can not wait to see how his character is when he was younger. And by younger, I mean a whole damn lot younger. Is his character still as gay as he is in the original three? (Before I get hate comments, I love that character. And when I say gay I mean he's awesomely gay! Full of life and energy even when the world is about to end! lol) I just have to see it =D

And who are these new main characters that I keep hearing about? It's not secret that people have already read the book but I still want to know who the hell they are and if they're any cooler than the main characters in the original trilogy. For all we know, they're probably cooler because they're all fancy and in the Victorian Ages. You know how they talk. It's ass kicking with manners. Oh I just made my new favorite quote. Ass kicking with manners. =D

Yea I'm getting carried away. But I seriously can't wait for the book. I'm actually finding space on my shelf to put it on since it's all full. But yes, comment on what you guys can't wait for and if you've read it, NO SPOILERS! Or I'll kick your ass with manners. xD

Oh, and while your waiting, do like I did for Mockingjay and stare at this countdown.

Plus, if you click the lower right corner, it shows all the books in the Shadowhunters World.


SpunkiiReader said...

no spoilers here... I cant wait for this book along with the next 3 in TMI and the next 2 in ID, man Clare is going to have us crawling after her for years. I cant wait to meet the new characters. I know some people want to compare them to the original cast but I dont think thats a good idea. I like to think of it as its own completely new series with a brand new cast. just cause they are clary, jace, and alec's ancestors doesnt mean they are anything like them.

Brenda said...

The book sounds fabulous! I haven't read any of the trilogy. Have no clue what it is about. Ass kicking with manners is a great saying!

dancealert at aol dot com

ladystorm said...

Well I am reading the book right now and it has mentioned the Mortal Instruments a few times and I didn't know that Magnus was from the other book series...see this is my first Cassie Clare book and I am hoping I am not lost by not having read the others, so far I am not really lost but it makes me wonder if I should have read the other books though..guess I will have to put them on my to buy list...lol

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