2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
Michael has read 1 book toward his goal of 50 books.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Monday's Novel Talk (9)

Monday's Novel Talk is a weekly meme where I talk about the current book(s) I'm reading. So for some reason, I've been extremely tired every single day. To the point that I'll be watching tv or something online and my eyes will begin to close for several minutes. It doesn't help that I have to start waking up early for college and stuff. And because I'm extremely tired, I haven't really been reading much. Let us begin!

First book I'm reading is Tyger Tyger. I'm currently on Chapter Seven, Page 90. What is amazing is that Kersten Hamilton is an amazing writer. I'm in love with her already! I can not wait for the actual book to come out in Hardcover because it will be one of the best YA books out there. All people got to do is actually read it. So far in it, Teagan is seeing this weird things happen to her. It reminds me of Harry Potter where Harry would see these weird things happen around him yet knew nothing of it until slowly it all came together. Hamilton makes everything believable. The way the characters react to the supernatural things, it's something that people in real life would do. The humor, the romance, the actual life problems. It's all perfect! I can not wait to keep reading it and I'm hoping that there are sequels.

Next book I'm reading is Naked Empire. Chapter Seventeen, Page 174. I've been on there for a while. Damn book. I'm just trying to finish smaller books to get this pile of 23 down to 0. But so far nothing major has happened but it's epic nontheless.

Then there's The Demon King by Cinda Williams Chima. I actually haven't started reading it although I will soon. Just want to get further into Tyger Tyger before starting it so that I can finish before The Exiled Queen is released.

But yea, those are the books I'm reading and on an update I only have 20 books left to read. YAY!

Monday, August 30, 2010

In My Mailbox/Book Haul (2)

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by The Story Siren, where bloggers and vloggers show the wonderful books they received in the mail. Book Haul is where you buy books or get books from the library. So this week I actually bought a book on Tuesday! YAY! Veronica bought a book too so I thought I'd add that in since she's a stalker of my blog. So let's start with books I have received in the mailbox.

I actually received this one from the wonderful Mark Whiteway after I reviewed the first book. I seriously can not wait to read this one and find out what happens. The first one ended epically. So yes, let's see what this one is about for those of you not reading this book.

The desperate race to save the world continues. Washed up on a distant shore on the unknown side of her planet, together with the Chandara Boxx, the orphan Kelanni named Shann must uncover the fate of her companions, whilst searching for an artifact hidden there in the distant past. As she journeys farther into this new land, she will encounter strange sights, come against new enemies and meet new friends, until finally coming face to face with the truth of her own past.

I also got this one from the author herself. I'm kind of excited to read it. The cover makes me wonder what's going on in there. I'll be reading this one soon after I finish Lodestone. But let's remind myself and show you guys what this is about.

The Rys Chronicles begin with this character-rich adventure that follows the travels of Dreibrand Veta, an ambitious warrior who seeks to rebuild his noble family's fortune. He is the first to join the powerful rys spellcaster Shan, whose race possesses magical powers and whose Queen Onja rules many human kingdoms as their Goddess. The wickedness and tyranny of Onja disgust Shan and he desires to seize to seize the rys throne from her. The third renegade is Miranda. After escaping from her abusive slave master, she becomes a crucial player in Shan's bid for power. To weaken Onja, Shan raises rebellion among her human subjects and gathers allies for his cause. Shan demonstrates his magic in battle and convinces his followers that the fearsome rys Queen can be overthrown. For over two thousand years Onja has ruled, but now, not even fear of her ability to enslave souls will stop her ambitious enemies.

This one I actually bought the day it came out. I went to New York to buy it so that I could read it and finish it and love it. Which I did. I'm actually writing a review to put up so stay tuned for that one.

Against all odds, Katniss Everdeen has survived the Hunger Games twice. But now that she's made it out of the bloody arena alive, she's still not safe. The Capitol is angry. The Capitol wants revenge. Who do they think should pay for the unrest? Katniss. And what's worse, President Snow has made it clear that no one else is safe either. Not Katniss's family, not her friends, not the people of District 12. Powerful and haunting, this thrilling final installment of Suzanne Collins's groundbreaking The Hunger Games trilogy promises to be one of the most talked about books of the year.

This is actually the book Veronica bought. And she's also borrowing my Uglies books. All 5 of them. So far she loves it. Of course. =D Funny thing, I keep calling Sookie, Snookie for some reason. Oh God is right.

Sookie Stackhouse is just a small-time cocktail waitress in small-town Louisiana. Until the vampire of her dreams walks into her life-and one of her coworkers checks out...

Maybe having a vampire for a boyfriend isn't such a great idea.

So that's all I got this week. Or last week as a matter of fact. Hopefully I'll get more good books this week.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Thursday's -Late- Author Spotlight (6)

My lovable followers! How I have missed you all! I know I promised I would post while being in Massachusetts but a lot of things happened such as internet kept going off and other things I really do not want to talk about. O.o haha But anyway I promised that I would post so I'm putting them up a bit late. I don't know about the review but I'll try.

But for this Author Spotlight it is someone who's book came out this week. Amazing author, I love her. She would be on my Top 5 if I didn't feel bad to take out the other ones and didn't love her either. But she is one of my favorite author.

Everyone, say hello to Suzanne Collins. -Hello Suzanne Collins.- Very nice. Funny fact, coming back from Massachusetts and we stopped at this gas station and me and Steven (yes, I say names like you know these people) asked what state we were. The cashier looked at us and we said we're from New Jersey and were on this trip and he was like, oh Connecticut. I could've gone to see Suzanne. So as you guessed it, she lives there. With her husband, two children and two adopted feral kittens. And let me just say something, she does NOT look 47. I'd say she was in her 30's. Crazy right?

Well anyway, I first heard about her when I heard about The Hunger Games. I don't really remember where I heard that from but it was around the time Catching Fire was released. But, I heard of her, checked her out, thought her books were cool and decided to get them. I got The Hunger Games and Catching Fire and fell in love with her. Her style of writing is amazing and clear and her imagination is wild. And she's not afraid to take it to places not taken before.

So before she started writing books, she was actually a writer for shows. Shows like, Clarissa Explains It All, Little Bear and even Oswald! I love Oswald! That awesome octopus... xD But what's even better are the books so let's check them out.

The Underland Chronicles
  • Gregor the Overlander (2003)
  • Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane (2004)
  • Gregor and the Curse of the Warmbloods (2005)
  • Gregor and the Marks of Secret (2006)
  • Gregor and the Code of Claw (2007)
The Hunger Games Trilogy
  • The Hunger Games (2008)
  • Catching Fire (2009)
  • Mockingjay (2010)
Other Books
  • Fire Proof: Shelby Woo #11 (1999)
  • When Charlie McButton Lost Power (2005)

Before I end this up, did you know she was named one of Time's magazine's most influential people of 2010. That's amazing and she has influenced me in so many ways with her writing. I can not wait to see more of the amazing works she comes out with.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tuesday's -Ever Late- Novel Spotlight (5)

Now I know this is very late but I just had to get this out there since the book is released next week and we're all eagerly waiting for it. Plus, blame Mockingjay for me not getting this post out on time. =D

Now, for this week as you can tell is the ever awaited, Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare. It's the first book in the new prequel Trilogy to The Mortal Instruments. I know there isn't much to talk about but there's some.

First off this trilogy is called The Infernal Devices Trilogy. Right off the bat, we have to ask, What are the Infernal Devices? Are they like some sort of ancestor items to the Mortal Instruments? Are they somehow connected? Or do they have nothing in common? For some reason when I hear Infernal I think of Inferno so maybe it's an item to do with Hell and the demons and stuff. That's pretty cool.

Now we know this is set in the Victorian Ages, but Cassandra Clare said that a character by the name of Magnus (covers ears from screaming girls) will be in it. I, myself can not wait to see how his character is when he was younger. And by younger, I mean a whole damn lot younger. Is his character still as gay as he is in the original three? (Before I get hate comments, I love that character. And when I say gay I mean he's awesomely gay! Full of life and energy even when the world is about to end! lol) I just have to see it =D

And who are these new main characters that I keep hearing about? It's not secret that people have already read the book but I still want to know who the hell they are and if they're any cooler than the main characters in the original trilogy. For all we know, they're probably cooler because they're all fancy and in the Victorian Ages. You know how they talk. It's ass kicking with manners. Oh I just made my new favorite quote. Ass kicking with manners. =D

Yea I'm getting carried away. But I seriously can't wait for the book. I'm actually finding space on my shelf to put it on since it's all full. But yes, comment on what you guys can't wait for and if you've read it, NO SPOILERS! Or I'll kick your ass with manners. xD

Oh, and while your waiting, do like I did for Mockingjay and stare at this countdown.

Plus, if you click the lower right corner, it shows all the books in the Shadowhunters World.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

An Apology

Just a small post, I would like to apologize for the lack of posting. I have been reading Mockingjay and just finished! I can't even write a review because well the emotions are all just coming to me. It was such a powerful book and I'll have a review up in a week or two. That way, people have time to read it.

But yea, I'll go back to posting tomorrow. And I will now go and possibly cry or do something. See ya =D

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Monday's Novel Talk (8)

I know it's not Monday but shush. So this will be a bit short. So I've still been reading Naked Empire by Terry Goodkind. It's getting really good now. I've missed the characters and seeing them get back to the way I love them is just epic. Especially Cara! She's hilarious in a moody way.

So last week, my book got destroyed because my beach towel was wet and both it and the book were in my bookbag and the book got wet and pretty much destroyed. And Devin, for my birthday as a late present, ordered a brand new copy for me and I just got it. It looks so perfect I can't even read it. =D THANK YOU AGAIN DEVIN! SHOUT OUT TO YOU! <3

Another thing, Today is Mockingjay Day! I'm waiting for Veronica, who is telling me to go with the flow, to wake her ass up so we can go get our books! I swear, I will drag her by her left toe if I have to. Out her friggen window! Into the train station. On the train. To New York. Down 5th Avenue. Into Barnes & Noble. Get our books. Drag her back home. Leave her outside. Take her books for safety purposes.

Yes, I would.

So anyway, there's the small update. I have another post to post up. I'll put it up as soon as I find out how to get this damn Countdown up! If someone can get me the code for the Clockwork Angel countdown and leave it in the comments with space between it so it won't do anything crazy, I'll really appreciate it. =D

Friday, August 20, 2010

And the winners are.....

So finally, the end has come for the contest. My first ever contest that I have ever held ever. The winners have been chosen and I assure you that this was all used by random.org, so the winners of course have been chosen randomly. I'm actually doing this as I type so that it's more recent.

The first winner of choose your own book contest is.... Nikki! Congratulations!
The second winner is... Ky!
The third winner is... Brian!

And since I'm so generous I'm adding a fourth winner, who is, Devin!

I know I said that there would be 3 winners but I felt like being nice and adding another one. So I would like to thank you all for entering. And make sure to keep checking back for more choose your own book contests. I think these are the best kind because you win something you actually want. And thank you so much to all of the followers! Just remember that next time you'll count as an old follower. =D

I'll be sending an email to you all shortly. Again thank you for entering! Until next time =D

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Author Spotlight (5) Top 5 Favorites - #1

I'm finally finishing up with my Top 5 favorite authors. Don't know what special thing I'll be doing next week. Actually, on second thought I have an idea. =D

Continuing from where we left off, the list was as follows;

  1. ----
  2. Terry Goodkind
  3. Philip Pullman
  4. Scott Westerfeld
  5. Cinda Williams Chima
My Number 1 favorite author is....

J.K. Rowling! The Queen of all Literature and people might have their own opinions but I absolutely love her! Most of you all know who J.K. Rowling is, basically studied her every move and ideas. Joanne Rowling, the K comes from her grandmother's name Kathleen, was born July 31, 1965. She first thought of Harry Potter on a train ride from Manchester to London in 1990. Believe it or not, her first novel was turned down more than once. But soon enough, it got the luck it needed and took off.

I was at a sports club party when a friend of mine was reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. The book was just released so it was around midnight and he was in the beginning. I was sitting there wondering why he and his sister were both reading books. So I walked on over to him and asked if I could see what he was reading. He handed me the book and I began.

It was about a minute later when I made my god-father take me to a supermarket and I bought the book and was reading it with joy. The feeling it gave me can not be experienced again. I know what it felt like, but I can not feel it. That was the happiest moment of my life. I read about 100 pages in when I noticed there were other books. So the next day I went back and bought the first four and devoured all five of them in about five days.

I was in 6th grade at the time, if I remember correctly. And I remember taking them to school and reading it in the last few days of summer when we just sat there and did nothing. I would re-read them every single day. It was the best moment of my life.

Now the best part of J.K. Rowling is that she sets the perfect example of if you have something set, do it. She went from living in her car to being rich and famous. And what I love about her is that she's not crazy about the money. Unlike some authors.

She has written 3 different books where all of the money go to charity. And it's not like a limited thing. The money still goes to charity.

I support her all the way and it would be the best thing in my life if I ever got to meet her.

Now, everyone knows her for writing Harry Potter. But most want to know if she'll write other things and the answer is yes. J.K. Rowling was seen writing in a cafe with her back against the wall. I can not wait to see what other masterpiece she comes up with. But for now we must enjoy Harry Potter over and over. Oh, let me not forget to mention how the movies are being near release and I just can't wait to go watch it! It'll be epically crazy!

Now aside from other works she's working on, she's also planning to write an Encyclopedia on the Harry Potter world. Talking about Character histories, history, creatures, places and everything else. She basically said the Encyclopedia is all of her notes she's written since day one. That'll be one huge ass book. =D I love it.

To find more information on her, visit her website over at http://www.jkrowling.com/
And follow her twitter! http://twitter.com/jk_rowling

Share your thoughts on J.K. Rowling and her works. Any stories you would like to share? Just go ahead and leave it in the comments below.

Thus, this concludes my Top 5 favorite authors. But who knows. Perhaps in a year or so they might change. Although, I think they won't. At least not number one.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday's Novel Spotlight (4)

Okay so I'm putting this up to post around 3:00 PM because I might not be here. Now I don't know if it'll work but it better. -___-

Anyway, this week's Novel Spotlight is Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins. Why, you ask? Because it comes out NEXT WEEK! How crazy is that. I've been waiting months for this novel and it's finally being released so friggen soon.

So, this will be a little different. It's more like discussing what I think will happen. If you have not read it please do not go on unless you want to be spoiled. But if you have read please do go on. (I figure that only those who have read will want to discuss this so comments might have spoilers).


We left off with Catching Fire where Gale told Katniss that District 12 has been destroyed. Obliterated. Gone. Which makes us wonder, what happened to the people there? Did everyone die? Katniss' friend? Her family? Gale's family? Peeta's? What the hell is going on?

And on top of that where the hell is Peeta?! And the others that were captured?! We of course will go on a mission with Katniss to save them and it will be so crazy. And then where is the airship taking them to? To me I think that District 13 is actually in hiding, at least the survivors, and that's where people are going. Because remember the two people she met in the cabin?

That was pretty crazy. So I think that's where they're going and basically The Hunger Games will not be controlled and people will be killing each other. That'll be sick and amazing.

But another thing, what the hell is going to happen. I mean, the first two were about The Hunger Games. What can the third possibly be about. I mean yea, the destruction and the survival and the helping out but there has to be more to it to fill up a whole book. Can another Hunger Games be in play?

Will there be enough creative juices flowing through Suzanne Collins head to give us a THIRDHunger Games? And all of the new characters we will meet. That'll be even better! Getting to see the different people from the different districts who are helping Katniss out.

But the part that we're all waiting for is the end. How will this all end? How will Collins wrap everything up into a nice little bow? Will there be any more books? Perhaps a prequel as to how the Hunger Games really started? To the first Hunger Games? That would be pretty cool I mean because in this trilogy people are used to the idea but imagine people's reactions and emotions when it first began. That must've been terrifying and over emotional for them.

We'll see how everything turns out and I just can't wait for it. I'll be writing a review on it too right after I'm done. And I promise that I'll try to keep it spoiler free. If it's not spoiler free I'll add a warning before and after.


But yes, tell me. Do you have any questions that you want to have answered? What are you most looking forward to? What do you think will happen?

By the way, you might have noticed that I didn't add no Team Peeta and Team Gale to this. That's because to me it's none of that. To me it's Team Capitol or Team District. Another thing, my friend Veronica is in love with True Blood, and she is going to start buying the Sookie Stackhouse novels, so I want you all to tell me.

Are they good? Are they bad? Any warnings, anything she should know before she reads it? What are your thoughts? Just leave them below in the comments and we shall be happy.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Cassandra Clare Update...

So I was on Simon and Schuster's website on the "The Mortal Instruments" page and I was looking around for a countdown since the book is due at the end of this month. So I was looking at the page when I see books that are planned by Cassandra Clare. So I see;

The Clockwork Angel
The Clockwork Prince
The Clockwork Princess

Of course we already knew about these three. So I was like ok, cool. Let's see what else they got.

City of Bones
City of Ashes
City of Glass

Yea that's what started this. Let's see what else.

City of Fallen Angels

Mhm we knew about this book. Book 4. But wait, why are there two other books there?

City of Lost Souls Book 5 of The Mortal Instruments Due May 2012
City of Heavenly Fire Book 6 of The Mortal Instruments Due September 13

Did anyone else know that there were going to be 6 Mortal Instruments novel? Or is this a surprise to everyone else? If no one else knew, this is crazy and epic. I can not wait! And I mean it's on an official site so it has to be official right?


Monday's Novel Talk (7)

Hello my wonderful followers. Finally I am posting regularly and everyday. (I just noticed that I can't even say regularly right anymore. O.o) So today is Monday the 16th of August and we will talk about the novels or novel I am reading. Yes, I know you already know what this is about but I'm just trying to make conversation....

Anyway.... Finally! I am reading Naked Empire. I actually put everything else on pause for a while because I really wanted to get back to the Sword of Truth Series because I seriously missed my Kahlan and Cara. Right now I am on page 44, Chapter 6. Not much but I haven't actually been reading for a while but hopefully as soon as I'm done with this post I'll get back to reading. =D

So anyway, Richard is with Kahlan and Cara and his sister Jennsen and two other guys and they are still at the Pillars of Creation from the previous book. And they're traveling out and these black birds are following them. And Richard is worried because he knows that they are tracking them and whoever is using them is using them to spy.

So I kind of have an idea of who is using the black birds but knowing this series it can be someone completely different. And then Richard is getting nightmares and his headaches are returning and last time he got the headaches was in book 2, Stone of Tears and his powers were starting to unleash and he was taken away for like a year. Crazy, I know. So I'm hoping he's not taken away because I love seeing Richard, Kahlan and Cara together. And now that Jennsen is in the picture it's even more interesting.

So there's not really much to talk about yet, but hopefully in this Chapter a lot will happen.

Funny thing I noticed is that so far I have twelve of the books. There's a 13th which is like a future spin-off you can say. And then a 14th being released called The Omen Machine. And then possibly two more in the future. But the funny part is that I have twelve of them and I am on book eight. And we are on the eighth month of the year. It's not that I'm reading one per year. On the contrary I actually finished the first two on the first month. It's just that other books have gotten in the way. So I had to put these on pause.

And if you're wondering why I only finished two in one month, the second book is literally right next to 1000 pages. And the text is super small so it's a lot to read. If the text was regular twelve font, it would be around 2000 or so pages. That's crazy.

But yea, that's where I'm at so far. I feel like reading so I shall go and read before the feeling goes away. Um, I will put up another blog post of my reading list. Of how many books I have read and how many pages. I will do that soon, not sure when. Tomorrow's Tuesday's Novel Spotlight will be something that almost everyone is looking forward to. I can assure you that I am.

So until later, I thank you again for not defollowing me.

Oh! I forgot. The contest, the choose your own novel contest. I will announce the winners sometime this week. It'll be at random, the date I mean, but before the 20th. So good luck to everyone and yea. =D

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Subtle Chronicler Contest Update

Would like to present you the update of his two current contests.

The first one that I'll talk about now is the Lodestone Book One: The Sea of Storms giveaway. I will buy a brand, spanking new copy and one lucky winner will receive it. So you MUST have a blog. And like I stated before, even if you don't use it like in the case of SpunkiiReader, you must still have one. To enter, fill in this FORM and yea hope that you win. There's a very low number of entries for this one compared to the other. This contest will end August 27th, winner will be announced August 28th. (I will be going to Massachusetts the 28th to 29th, so I won't be able to buy the book and send it out until the 30th or beginning of September.) You must be a follower to enter.

The second contest is where you can win a book of YOUR CHOICE! That's right any book of your choice. Even if I have to pre-order it I will get it for you. It started out with 2 winners, but we soon got up to 3. If I meet the 225 followers mark, there will be 4 winners. So here's how this contest goes. Fill out this FORM. Basically it haha. Where it says which book would you like to win, that's not the final choice. It's only to think about it. But yea, just fill that out. So I said that the contest might have ended around the 15th. That sounds good but I need money, and the 15th is creeping up close. So perhaps sometime before the 20th after the 15th. No later than the 20th. That contest has so many entries it's crazy. I'm going to take a while to add them to random.org to choose a winner. You must also be a follower to enter!

So for now keep following and joining in on the contests. I have plenty of more to come in the future!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

=O A Miracle!

Finally! My laptop is backeth! Which means, that I can finally blog again. Yay! But I'll probably start the daily schedule tomorrow. Or Friday. Depends. =X

So yea a few things, contests are coming up, I have to get the money for the prizes. =O This will be horrible haha.

Um, I'll be going to Massachusetts so I get to blog there! Because the hotel will have wireless free internet! Yay!

I have a review to put up. I just have to fix it first, and Friday I won't really be here.

Oh and I found this shirt that I'm going to order right now. Sexy shirt and when I rock it it'll be the best profile picture EVER! Yea lol, I'm full of myself =D

Anyway, I've been reading a lot. Maybe just a little but hey! Oh and school is starting soon and I still have to sign up for classes. And I need my job to buy a camera to start vlogging also. Which will be epic! xD I can wear the sexy clothes while vlogging and have Veronica film me.

So yea, just a little note before I go and do some stuff. Thank you all for being patient and just keep following me and I'll be posting em up xD

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I'm so sorry guys!

I know I haven't posted anything in forever and I really really apologize for that. Please don't stop following me. So I'll be expecting news about my laptop in a few days. I'll give it to Friday or Monday to hear news. I'll then travel the internet on my slow ass computer and try to put the news up if any.

Also the two contests will be ending this month. There's 3 winners for the any book contest and 1 for the Lodestone book. This will be very interesting to see who wins and hopefully my laptop will be with me already so that I can do it faster. =D

Let's see if there's any news. Um.... my back peeled so it's two different colors. O.o
Um, I haven't read since my birthday. It's so sad but I'm going to go get reading soon.
Books come out this month that we all love! I can not wait!
If anything I'll probably hack my friends computer and post things up for you guys.

So yes. Again I'm really really sorry I haven't been posting but as soon as I get the laptop back I will post and it'll be better than ever! There will be no excuses as to not posting. So just please bear with me. (Is that right? Hmm)

So yea, I'll see you all soon! And THANK YOU 190 FOLLOWERS! It keeps going up and I love you all for that! Thank you so much and I really do appreciate it! =D
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