2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Honesty Hour (6)

Hola Chroniclers! I've posted every day this week which is cray cray! I even posted two posts on Tuesday! Sweet Books, I'm doing good! I must not stop so today I bring you another Honesty Hour post! Honesty Hour is a meme where unlike a review, it's more of a discussion full of spoilers and whatnot. I might also speak of just certain characters, authors, settings, writing, etc. etc. Now I warn you, after the picture THERE WILL BE SPOILERS! SPOILERS AFTER THE PHOTO! PROCEED WITH CAUTION!

Firelight Trilogy by Sophie Jordan.

Firelight was one of those books where I got it for the cover. I barely knew what it was about aside that it involved Draki and I found that interesting. But the cover is what I really got it for. Once I read it I was a bit on the fence about it. I expected the book to be bigger and the content to be better. The premise was good, I think that people who turn into Dragons with powers is a cool thing but the writing and the way everything played out and what did happen just fell flat. I enjoyed it but not as much as I would like. I just expected it to be completely different than what it really is.

Vanish came out and I got it a while after but when I read it I felt like the story, once again was just lacking. I felt like it was too short and too little actually happened, but I couldn't just stop it and had to finish the series. So I continued and bought Hidden the final book of the trilogy. I feel like I need to breathe before speaking of it. First off when I got the book, I noticed right away that it was the shortest of them all. The other two are already short but this one is just super small. Doesn't even reach 300 pages. I was already put off by how short it was.

But, I read it. And as I was reading I kept thinking, stupid people making stupid decisions. We're introduced to characters who feel like they have a great importance and they're there for about 5 pages before never being seen again. The ending felt like it was robbing me. Everything felt rushed and out of nowhere it was done. Nothing really happened. The deaths that did happen and the twists and turns that did felt too sudden and quick to have any real impact.

I remember telling someone that the trilogy would be better off as one whole book. It would feel a bit more full and less rushing. Sort of like a bind-up but just one book. But I was so disappointed in the final book and even the series as a whole. I thought it was going to be something else and it could have been an amazing thing. But it failed.

My thing is, I can't judge authors because I don't know their motives or why they write. But I feel like authors now-a-days are rushing to get as many books out as they can instead of taking their time. It works for some but for others it falls flat. I'm not saying that Sophie Jordan writes just for money or to get many books out but the fact is, to me, she could have done way better with the trilogy. And I know she's writing other books, was writing books and has written other books during the trilogy and that might be the reason why.

I know this post said there would be spoilers and there really weren't any, and this is mainly due to the fact that I couldn't exactly remember what happened in the trilogy. I read the last book earlier this month, and I had to go back to the final pages and glance through it to remember before posting this up! It says something  right there.

But what are your thoughts on the series? Did you like it or not? I know a lot of people on goodreads said it was amazing and that it was the best books they had read and I'm just like.... but I'd love to hear your opinion. What are your thoughts on the author as well! Let me know!

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