2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Used Books vs New Books

Books. Everyone likes books, right? At least if you're reading this you do. But there's always this one situation that people find themselves in, or have asked others about. Do you buy your books used or new? Now here's the thing, I buy my books new and don't get used books for certain reasons of which I will let you know.

This all began when I was younger and got into reading. I didn't know about Barnes & Noble or anything and if I did I forgot about it. I knew about Harry Potter at Pathmark, a supermarket, and that there was a library near me. So of course I chose the library. The problem is though, I never finished the books from the library. Faerie Wars by Herbie Brennan was left alone after the first few pages. Inkheart by Cornelia Funke was surprisingly read but Inkspell was left alone after a while. I got so many books there that I never finished nor did I care for them.

In High School, my Public Speaking teacher let me borrow his Lord of the Rings Trilogy and The Hobbit and I only finished The Hobbit but couldn't get past the first book of the trilogy. Now this all wouldn't seem odd except for the fact that I bought Faerie Wars and finished it rather quickly and loved it, along with the sequels. I bought Inkheart and the following two books and while I haven't read them yet, I can't wait!

The problem with me is, I just can't read used books. To me used books are exactly how they sound, used. I have this thing where a book isn't just a book but a keeper of memories. To me I can look at my books that I bought and read and I remember things that happened or I did while reading them. I remember the emotions I felt while turning its pages and I feel like that book is now linked to me forever. Picking up a used book is like going through someone's diary.

I know someone else enjoyed this, that they had memories and had joyous events or hard times while reading this. And to read it would be like adding my own memories over the original and pushing it out of the way. I just can't do it. Now recently, I received three used books to read from a friend and all of this went away. I feel like they look completely loved and as if there are no memories in them but just love. It's weird and some people might call me crazy but it's true.

That's why I only buy new books. From the moment I pick the book up, I'm already connecting with it and adding my memories to it. The excitement to read, the disappointment that I have to wait, everything I feel is in that book. Which brings me to why I don't let people borrow books. Aside from them being destroyers of the beautiful creations, I don't want people to know my memories or try to figure them out.

Not to mention I love having my books brand spanking new. I like it how when someone comes over they wonder if I even read the books because they look as if they never been touched. Looking at my books is like looking at a shelf at a bookstore. The covers are intact, no page is bent or dirty, the spine is not broken. It's like I never read them.

What do you guys buy though? Used books or new books? Or do you really not care and just want the story? To me, books are more than just the story. They're a safe haven.

Leave your comments down below with your opinion. I would really love to hear them.

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