2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Stacking The Shelves (14)

Hi Chroniclers! Another week has come and gone and I've been lacking with the posts. I'm trying to get them up again but I've just been so blah. But let's get on with today's post. Stacking The Shelves is a weekly meme hosted by the wonderful Tynga from Tynga's Reviews where we show you the books we received or bought during the past week. This week I got a couple of books for some very good reasons!

On Tuesday, the day when books are released, I went to Barnes & Noble in NYC once more and bought Light by Michael Grant. It is the final book of the series and I actually finished it already. It was so amazing and I felt a bit empty after closing the book and saying goodbye.

I also bought The Rising by Kelley Armstrong which was also released on Tuesday and is also the final book of it's trilogy. This one I'm currently reading and it's another favorite trilogy of mine and hopefully I'll be done soon.

I decided to buy Monsters of Men by Patrick Ness which follows the buying theme basically and is the last book of its trilogy. I haven't started reading them yet but it was cheap and I had to get it.

This week I also got a Barnes & Noble 20% off coupon and I made a list of the books below $10 that I wanted to buy and chose the cheapest one and used the discount. So basically, I bought Sweep Volume 1 by Cate Tiernan for about 3 bucks. My sister actually has this book and loved it and I've wanted to buy it. The other books are also less than $5 so I should be getting them soon.

So that's all that I got this week! 4 books and I'm happy with that! I don't plan on buying anything for a little while but that never works out so we'll see how it goes. What did you guys get this week though?

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Alyssa Susanna said...

I also got four books! But I actually didn't buy any of them. I've never read anything by Michael Grant, but I'm told that that's the last book in the series, right? That's sad, isn't it? And I never kept up with Armstrong's latest series. Hmm. Looks like a fun batch! :)

Here is my STS post!

Sadaf H. said...

Reading the last book in a series is ALWAYS sad. Knowing that the story is over, and you will never feel that anticipation for the next book in the series ever again. =( (I am still dreading the day I finally finish the Seven Realms series because I love it so much!)

I have not bought any books for a year now and I am rather proud of myself! Because I've got about 20 books on my shelf that need to be read, plus I am part of a monthly book club! I've decided to read all those books before starting to buy books again! They're being neglected lol.

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