2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Discouraging Numbers

Hey Chroniclers!

That's me up there. The red one not one of the many yellow ones. Basically something very wrong is going on. I used to get hundreds of views on my page every single day. But on January 11th it just went and now I'm getting less than 100 views per day. Which is something that is very odd and I'm thinking it's a bug on blogger. I mean you can literally see the dip in the bar it's that much of a drastic change. But then I keep thinking what if it isn't a bug and it's a real and people all decided to stop coming to my site. It sucks because it is discouraging knowing that people aren't (if it isn't a bug) coming to the site to read anything. But aside from that a few things have been going on as well on other sites.

On Amazon, some friends liked my reviews and it brought me up to well past 100 likes on my reviews. So it was about 100s out of 100s likes. But out of nowhere all those likes disappeared and it went down to 61 out of 68 likes. Which sucks because my friends took their time to like my reviews and read them and then it didn't count. WHICH didn't help me lower my ranking towards one. In fact my ranking has been going up away from one which is not what we want. So there's that.

Then on my facebook's like page I don't know what's going on. It's not as discouraging as the other two but I had over 100 of my friends who liked my page aside from the other likes. I was at 294 with around 100 being my friends. But then out of nowhere it says only 60 friends like it but it was still 294. And now friends who had liked it before, for them it says they don't like it so when they like it again the 294 goes up. But not the 60. So that's discouraging because now I don't know how many people really like my site.

As you can see the internet clearly hates me and it doesn't help the fact that some other tough crap is going on in my life and it's making me just want to quit everything. This isn't exactly a pity post or anything I just really need to get this out there. I'll still keep posting and acting like everything is normal but I do hope that everything goes back to normal soon. I'd like it very much to see normal numbers.


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