2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Honesty Hour (4)

Ola Chroniclers! (Just went all Portuguese on you guys!) How is everyone doing? Hopefully not as lazy and cold as I am. I'm dreading going into that freezing bathroom and taking a shower. But, we are here to talk about books! Today I'll be bringing back another post that I haven't done in the longest. It is called... Honesty Hour! Honesty Hour is this thing I do where I talk about a series or characters or something from a book. It's not a book review nor is it like one. This is more of a discussion WITH SPOILERS that I kind of tell the truth on how I really feel and don't try to sugar coat anything. You can check out example of the previous three down below;

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The Mortal Instruments Pre-Lost Souls
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For this week I've decided to do another trilogy of which I have some feelings towards and that is...

Matched Trilogy by Ally Condie!

I bought Matched around the same time it had just come out and I bought it simply because the cover looked amazing. I'm a cover freak and judge a bit by the covers. I didn't even read the synopsis with that much attention. I knew it was Dystopian so I figured it would be good. So I finally read it and while it was good it lacked so much! I found myself bored at times, especially when the main character, Cassia, spends the majority of her time climbing a hill and thinking. When I think of Dystopian I think of action and a revolution. While there was talks of revolting and Cassia says she is, I didn't see it. No action was taken for there to be a revolution.

Also as we know she gets Matched with her best friend and then another guys picture flashes. The fact that she falls in love with this other guy simply out of curiosity. I thought it was a low blow to her best friend. There was no way that she could just instantly love this guy she has basically never fully met. I thought it was a cheap way to get into the love story and perhaps should have been played out a bit better.

The only part that really got me pumped up was towards the end. A certain scene where two parents are being separated from each other and are trying to grab each others hands. That's what got me going. It showed me that the world Cassia lives in has power to do whatever they want. But then it went back to falling flat.

Enter Crossed. I was a bit hesitant to getting into this one but I finally did. It was certainly much more action-packed than the first one but at times it got a bit boring as well. I liked the whole running away thing but again it didn't feel like Cassia was giving the revolution she keeps talking about. The part that really got me infuriated was the ending.

After everything Cassia and the others went through. After everything they had to do. Out of nowhere they go back to the city. Just like that. Again it felt like such a cheap shot and I felt as if I was stolen a good ending for the book. The set up for this "revolution" to play out in book 3 was so random at the end of the second book I can't even put it into words. The way it was played out felt dumb to me. I just really felt cheated. The characters spend the whole time running away not wanting to go back and in one page they end up back. Not captured. They went back themselves. There was nothing leading up to that, it was so random.

And thus, I am afraid for Reached. Especially since the book is huge, I'm so afraid that it'll disappoint me. I'll read it soon this year but I'm so afraid that I'm going to get a crappy ending that it'll probably just make me wish I've never read the trilogy in the first place. But we shall see how it goes. I personally think that this trilogy got too much hype for what it's not worth.

AND! They're making it a movie which let's be honest, I will watch. I like watching adaptations and seeing how they play out compared to the book. I don't complain about scenes not being in there or some changes because if I want the actual thing, I'd read the book. A movie is a movie is a movie. But I am afraid that it's going to be a bit boring like the book unless they change it up a bit.

What are your thoughts on the trilogy? Was it over-hyped or do you think it was actually good? Leave your comments down below.

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ivanova said...

I loved Matched but didn't enjoy the other two as much, so I'm curious how Reached will strike you.

Kea Alwang said...

I really loved Matched, but Crossed bored me to tears a third of the way in. There was so much more meat to the relationships between Cassia and Xander and cassia and Ky in "Matched." So a lot of that felt flat for me in Crossed. I'm hesitant to start Reached, too. It will probably be a long time before I do. For me, while a story needs a decent plot, the characters drive my favorite stories. I kept feeling like rewriting many of their scenes in Crossed to "match" (ha!) my expectations.

estetik said...

your are sharing interesting information. Thanks for your valuable thoughts. I like your blog.

Michael Antonio Araujo said...

@ivanova I'll definitely be reading Reached soon! I can't wait to see how it plays out but again I'm so afraid.

@Kea Alwang For me it was the other way around. I mean I like the writing enough to keep reading but it just felt slow and boring. Which is not something that should happen. Hopefully Reached will be good to us and treat us amazingly.

@estetik No problem! I figured that honesty is the best thing to give about books. Wouldn't want anyone to be told all the good things and then not like it.

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