2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Honesty Hour (10)

Hey Chroniclers! It is time to celebrate because while this isn't the last post, it is the last post I need to schedule! Also it is Thursday and Thursday brings along Honesty Hour! Honesty Hour is a weekly meme where unlike a review, it's more of a discussion full of spoilers and whatnot. Instead of just the story, I'll talk about certain things like characters, plot, setting, cover, author and whatever else I have to talk about. Now I warn you, the post might be full of spoilers to the novel. PROCEED WITH CAUTION! THERE MAY BE SPOILERS AFTER THE PICTURE!

Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare!

Everyone knows what the novel is about. I've spoken about both the books and the author multiple times so I think I have to go straight ahead and just get on with what I want to talk about on this post. The ending. The book ends with Tessa marrying Will who grows old and passes away and finally Tessa is in our time and Jem, who became a silent brother, becomes normal again and she's able to end up with Jem.

What a stupid ending! It was such a mess! It had such a too perfect ending that it completely sucked. Tessa doesn't know what pain is and Clare gave her no reason to know! She literally made Tessa get with both boys in the end and it's just so stupid. I seriously thought the book ended very Twilight-ish. Everything ended with everyone getting their happy ending and it was just like, "I read this for it to end like that?" I wanted Jem to be a Silent Brother and have Tessa know she can never be with him and vice-versa. I wanted her to feel the pain of knowing that the other is alive but never being able to be with them.

And then there's no actual reason as to why Jem isn't a silent brother anymore so it's like seriously? We don't even get an explanation? As much as I like Cassandra Clare's books, the ending was just horrible and hopefully she learns but I don't think she will. At least not yet.

What do you guys think though? Do you guys agree or not? Leave your comments down below and let's discuss!

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